About Me

Hello there, my name is Brian and this is my little home on the web. This is my personal blog where I’ll post about the random snippets of my life, be them truly crazy or basically boring. So, don’t be surprised to see me talk about a cousin’s wedding (I have lots of cousins) one day and then how to make cheesecake (I love cheesecake) the next day.

I also do a segment called Stories of Note, which I affectionately call SoN posts. So, I’m an avid user of Google Reader with well over 150 feeds I check up on all the time, most with many updates daily. I love reading websites and blogs, therefore it’s a great way to follow many websites at one time. When I find an interesting piece of news, I star it. This is basically where I get my topics for SoN. Yes, SoN are few and far between but they’re usually jam packed with stuff I found interesting.

I run a small tech blog called “TechOnce.” There, I gather news stories each day and pick one that I find is most significant, interesting, strange, or just outright ridiculous and I write about it. There are plenty of sites out there that post many tech stories each day, but that can be overwhelming as you need to sift through and find what’s worth reading. Instead, I do the hard work of finding something that’s good for the day. One piece of tech news, Once a day. That’s TechOnce.

Tech Background
Loving tech and knowledge, I use every chance possible to incorporate them into my daily life. I’ve been around computers since I was a little boy when my dad brought home a DOS system. Ever since, I’ve been tinkering with computers quite often. As a part of my high school’s Computer Tech club, I was able to learn a lot about computers and helped with repair and maintenance for our student body. I’ve assembled countless computer systems, 10 of which were for separate family members.

Aside from my love for computers, my new love is my iPhone 3G. You’ll hear me mention it quite often because it really has become one of my favorite pieces of technology. I use it all day long as my cellphone, mp3 player, and my internet device. Haha, I sound like the commercial. It’s continued even moreso now that I own an iPhone 4.

But, I can explain…
I love learning new things so that I can teach it to someone else. I enjoy explaining things, it’s almost a bad habit. And if you know me in real life, you’ll know I have a different tone I switch to once I start. It’s funny. An abundance of sound effects and hand movements accompany my efforts of explanation. This has influenced quite a few of my friends to talk with their hands flapping all over the place and their mouths making sounds instead of words at times. I feel proud at having instilled an amusing, if not always beneficial, habit into my closes friends.

That bit about how to make cheesecake may have thrown some of you, but it’s insight to me. I’m a food lover and a food fan. 50% of the time my TV is on the Food Network, haha. Even without the food channel, I’ll actively seek out food-related content My family (immediate and extended) has plenty of brilliant cooks so I’m surrounded by great food. Sad part is, don’t ask me to actually cook something, it seems I’m a klutz in the kitchen. Oh well, my love for food does not dwindle one bit. I love trying new foods and definitely don’t mind visiting food places for culinary adventures. However, I still have the childish habit of loving Pocky, the Japanese snack which I never want to give up loving.

If you’re an avid user of the Internet, Youtube, or just know me personally, you may have come across my “Quest for Pocky” video. I created it a few years ago on a whim and lots of people have enjoyed my little antic trip.
Quest for Pocky

It’s Tekken me back!

Tekken is one of my all time favorite games. I was introduced to it back when Tekken 2 came out. I grasped it myself when I went and bought the original PlayStation and Tekken 3. When I finally got around to buying a PlayStation 2 at a more reasonable price, Tekken Tag and Tekken 4 had been out for a while and I rushed to regain lost ground. I then awaited anxiously for Tekken 5 to release and almost immediately, many weekends were lost as I spent them playing Tekken 5. As a force to be reckoned with, it didn’t help my addiction when I purchased the PSP and Tekken Dark Resurrection. It enabled me to fulfill my Tekken needs on-the-go. Now, with Tekken 6 available in the US and on the PSP and PS3, I find myself busy in life and have little to no time left to pursue my game love. I will return one day!


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  1. I am one of those people that flail their hands when explainning or telling stories. I couldn’t help but smile when reading that.

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