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A dinner is more than just eating

November 27, 2011


Yesterday, I had the pleasure of celebrating my birthday with a dinner at Black Angus with some friends. My birthday passed a few days before but tradition called for a friendly get-together the Saturday of. I actually didn’t plan anything this year up until the night before because I was not really interested in doing anything this year. But why not, it’s fun and it’s what’s kind of expected.

When we finished our meal at the restaurant, the waiter brought out a small cookie platter and everyone sang happy birthday to me. I always find it funny because I always wonder what exactly should the birthday person be doing while everyone is singing. Should they sing along? That’s weird, it’s your birthday, they sing to you. Should you eye everyone up? That’s ok, better. Should you laugh or cry or start saying incoherent things to yourself? Be careful there. Haha, I usually just smile, look at the cake/candles, and slowly look at people.

I know, there’s stigma about not telling your birthday wish in case it might not come true, but I’ve seen it enough where people just ask right away what it is so it should be fine revealing it. Before blowing out the candle (just one, haha) last night, I made a quick wish. I didn’t tell anyone there what it was, even though they were speculating it was for computer parts (I wish, nah). My wish was for those that were sitting around me to forever remain my best friends. That’s right, those at the table were my best friends. I usually invite large groups to dinner on my birthday, but I decided to go core this year. I know, it’s a little cheesy, but give me a break, I’m 24 now. I can be cheesy if I want. For those that did make it to the dinner, it meant a lot to me. Even if I wasn’t planning to hold it, this yearly dinner is important. And no, not because you guys pay for my dinner, haha.

Raj, John and Zain are all far, far away at the moment, but I know they’d have been there in a heartbeat if they could. Along with those that were there last night, I consider you all to be my closest friends. I don’t care whether I’ve known you since I was 4 or if I met you during high school, you are all my best friends. People who accepted me for who I am and I’m surpremely grateful for it. I can say that I wouldn’t have gotten through much of my life in such good condition without some of you by my side. We go through ups and downs, get angry at each other, make each other laugh and cry, and just live it up like insane people. There’s an Asian saying along the lines of, “In your life, you need one best friend.” I’m beyond proud to say that I have a group of you. Anyone of you would be an amazing friend to any random person. I’m blessed to have you all at once.

I want to say that we’ve had a crazy, exciting, funny, amazing, astonishing, blasphemous, delirious, insane, unbelievable, and just all around comforting bunch of years. You all made it that much more special. My birthday wish was for all my best friends to remain my best friends and I can safely say, this will be a wish that is bound to come true. Here’s to many more years of awesomeness together.

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