More boring tech news, I suppose

July 23, 2011


You know, that was the first interesting image that came up in Google Image search. People sleeping, no doubt lulled unconscious by the boring drivel of some guy as he went on and on with his tech news. Sound familiar? Oh yes, that about to happen here! What a coincidence.

My solar keyboard that I got as a gift from Logitech stop charging, so I emailed them and they sent me a brand new one! Logitech still is an amazing company. In the interim period, I actually went out and bought a Logitech Wireless Wave Keyboard. I kept so many good things about the keyboard, about it’s ergonomics and how comfortable it was. Well, I thought why not, let’s give it a go. What I was presented with was a very comfortable keyboard, indeed. It took me about 15 minutes to get fully comfortable with the keyboard and got up to speed with my typing. And I was able to continue with typing on it for hours without any fatigue. However, there was a problem. Not with the keyboard itself, but me. You see, I hate soft keyboards. The kind where the key are mushy and soft. That is what’s on the Wave Keyboard and I loathe is so much. A great keyboard for comfort but not for typing enjoyment. It’s like if I had to buy a keyboard for a workplace for typing long hours, this would be it.


I got my replacement solar keyboard back and I’m happy. But, if I were to go out and spend a lot of cash on a keyboard, it’d be a mechanical keyboard. You may remember those, the heavy clicky clacky keyboards that were supremely loud but amazing to type on. Well, just for kicks, I did. Thanks to a sale at Fry’s, I was able to get a Razer Blackwidow Ultimate for $90. Pretty intense name for a somewhat simple keyboard. Ok, not too simple with it’s custom font, blue backlights and extra macro keys. But simple as it’s still a qwerty keyboard. But simple in looks really doesn’t explain how amazing it is to type on mechanical keys again. The last time I typed on a mechanical keyboard was at Arthur’s house for a few seconds as I test his Das Keyboard out. And before that, years ago.

Amazingly, it took me pretty long to get back my typing speed on it. Usually, I can go to almost any keyboard and type easily, reaching full speed and comfort in 10 minutes or up to an hour at the most. On this mechanical keyboard, it actually took me nearly 4 hours of continuous typing to get my speed back without an insane amount of typos. Surprising, when typing is something I’m so used to doing. Even now, when I’m fully comfortable with the keyboard and I’m blazing along, I still don’t feel right. It just feels like something is off, something wrong, and something not complete. I’m giving the keyboard the weekend to play out any funkiness. If it’s still giving me some trouble, it’ll have to go back. Hey, not all mechanical keyboards are created equal, so trial by fire is just the way I’ll have to go about it.


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