Bingo for me?

May 12, 2011

I’m not really a fan of Bingo. Sure, I played it in school when class required. I even went through bingo nights with the family. It’s weird, everyone likes playing Bingo except me. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate bingo, I just didn’t see the excitement that people got from playing a game that was all based on luck. Well, that probably all changed after yesterday.

I spent a couple hours hanging out with my cousins and then we went to bingo night at Applebee’s. It takes place during happy hour, so cheap alcohol and appetizers abound. The used a loudspeaker system and passed out paper bingo boards and crayons for people who wanted to play. It was interesting because nearly everyone there wanted to play.


They played three rounds, each with a different win stipulation. First round was just one row, vertically, across, or diagonal. Then, the second round required two rows and they didn’t need to interest either. The third and final round was blackout, of course that entails winning the entire board. Each round we got new boards, so you always started from scratch.

The first round, I basically had a fail board. I think I marked in maybe 4 before someone got bingo. In the next round, I basically came down to just two numbers before bingo hit for someone else. It wasn’t until the blackout round where I was really excited. Right off the bat, myself and my cousin’s boyfriend started filling out our boards super fast. At the end, we were both down to just two numbers. I even got down to one final number! But alas, luck wasn’t with us last night, because somebody else hit blackout. Winners of each round apparently won a $10 gift card. Hey, it’s free to play and you’re in a fun environment. Good fun, too bad it was at the Milpitas Applebee’s and not the Fremont one where my friends and I usually go to. Maybe the Fremont one will throw these events in the future.


After playing last night with my cousins, I found that bingo can be fun and exciting. Plus, throw in munchies like quesodillas, cheeseburgers sliders, and a Long Island Ice Tea and you’re almost guaranteed to enjoy whatever game you’re playing. All in all, I had a great time and I’ve finally seen the light. The appeal of such a basic game on Bingo isn’t about trying your luck or beating down someone else in the game, it’s about enjoying the company around you and flowing with the suspense between draws.


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