Logitech Customer Advisory Panel

May 6, 2011


This Wednesday, I attended Logitech’s Customer Advisory Panel. It’s an event where they invite some customers who use their products to come and give their opinions. Everything from what we loved to what we hated to what we wished were available as feature. We would be able to meet and speak with the design team that works directly on their mouse and keyboard products. It’s actually pretty cool to know that the input from myself and the others at the event would be taken directly into the process for the next series of devices.


Pictured here is Logitech’s S510 Wireless keyboard and mouse combo. I bought it years ago and it was awesome. I’ve since replace the mouse with a Performance MX as my mainstay but kept using the keyboard.

About the only keyboard I wanted to replace it with was Logitech’s own K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard or one with mechanical switches. Well, at the end of the event, this was what I received as a parting gift.


That, my friends, is the K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard from Logitech. It uses photovoltaic cells to generic an electric charge for a button battery in the keyboard. It’s able to do this with direct sunlight or even ambient light. That’ means that it can use the light coming off from an indoor lamp even. What this really means is that this baby basically almost never needs new batteries ever again. Incredible. Couple that with it being wireless, chiclet-style keys, and Logitech’s switches for comfortable typing while maintaining low noise, this guy is pretty awesome. AND it was a gift, so FREE. I loved Logitech before, liked them more when I met the people who work there, and will now probably be a fan for life. Good people, good design, good products.



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  2. I hate you for this, btw.

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