More computer troubles and Blockbus-who?

April 6, 2011


First, surprising news on olde BB. The last time I wrote about Blockbuster was a few years ago and they were planning to buy Circuit City. Well, the deal fell through and CC is long gone. BB itself has been struggling in the waters for quite a while now as it’s getting it’s butt kicked by Netflix and Redbox. So, who swoops in and nab them up at their bankruptcy auction? Dish Network. Woah. I get the whole “we got a movie service” thing but seriously, why? Dish, you guys are most likely eyeing up BB’s streaming and disc rental service. But doesn’t it feel a little late to try and get in this game? With Hulu now also offering a premium service along with Amazon rounding out the killer trifecta ala Netflix, this just doesn’t seem viable. Sure, you guys are getting BB for $228 million instead of the valued $320 million, but you should have saved the cash and spent it on licensing fees and getting more content for your own service.

Anywhoo, onto to my (endlessly turning up, it seems) computer troubles. I tried to turn on my computer today and get greeted with a system that won’t boot past POST. Great. I figured some hardware probably bit the dust and was just stalling it. After unplugging my HDDs and through the process of elimination, I came to the conclusion my OS drive bit the dust. To make extra sure, I brought it over to John’s house and plugged it into his computer. With hopes that it would be readable and maybe even drag off a list of installed apps, the drive just spun up but never entered a readable state. BAH. I knew the drive was approaching the end of the line but I was hoping to ride it out till some good SSD deals hit. Guess the bugger just wanted to call it quits.

So, I spent most of the rest of the night resizing another drive’s partition so that I could install Windows back on it. I also had to install as many of the apps I used all from memory. That’s pretty tough considering that just the week before my count was 104 applications. Wonderful. Obviously, I would not be able to get them all installed. Oh well, I’ll install them as I need ‘em. I just need an SSD now.


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