Not liking April Fools

April 1, 2011


Normally every year I’d have a small laugh when it came to the first of April. The holiday almost bequests every one to revert back to 12 year-olds and pull pranks. For internet folks, it was always interesting to see what crazy kookiness websites would pull. It would be pretty obvious everything would be a prank and people would get it over. However, this year I’m just not feeling it.

After only a few hours into April Fools’, tons of websites started putting their pranks into action. Almost immediately, fake news popped up everywhere. Webpages started changing their layouts. And some claimed to be shut down. This is all fine and dandy for a prank, but I just want real content. In the process of trying to be funny, some of the websites are just totally neglecting their posts entirely. It’s become increasingly difficult to actually find truthful material on sites today. And frankly, I’m actually annoyed by it. It’s obvious there will be April Fools’ jokes, please give me a way to filter it out.

Friday is the last day of weekday and basically the last chance to get anything in. I’m glad there are certain websites out there who are choosing to forgo any pranks so as to maintain any sanity we have let on the interwebs. And Hulu makes it’s prank blatantly obvious and gives you a button to switch back to normal.

Please, just make this holiday end fast. Nearly every piece of information I get today is suspicious by default. Even stupid product release dates.


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