With less Juice

March 8, 2011


This stuff used to be so good.

After making a post about energy drinks, I thought I’d also post about Rockstar’s Juiced energy drinks. They’re made with juice! Or at least, they used to be. You see, the original cans were filled with 70% juice. They were wonderful. I actually skipped regular Rockstar and went straight for these guys. After a while, they reduced the Juice portion down to 50%. Ok, half is still not bad. I can still taste a lot of the juice and I don’t feel too bad about downing an energy drink (if that’s possible, feeling bad that is.)

Today, I ventured to Safeway to snag one and when I took a swig from the can, I noticed that it now said there was only 10% Juice. WHAT? Seriously? You went from 70% to 50% and that felt like cost cutting already. But 10 freaking percent is just ridiculous. That’s not Juiced like your title says. That’s a spritzer. Lightly sprayed with juice. Pathetic. The taste is different now, very much noticeable as it’s now more energy drink and less juice. That’s sad. More juice, please. I’m going back to Red Bull from now on.


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