a playful kiss at it’s best

December 3, 2010

Ok, terrible name.

Yet another kdrama I’m watching/pulverizing. This one has been bugging me for a while because it’s been sitting in my Hulu queue for some time now. That’s right, it’s got an American license to be subbed already. Pretty crazy.


Being the person that I am, I actually went and downloaded softsubs for this instead of streaming through Hulu. Hulu is great and all, but it’s a pain when watching kdramas because of the commercials. I must say, this series is very cute. It’s got a lot of scenes where the guy makes fun of the girl and said girl attempts to get revenge. I’m a sucker for the stuff, so yeah, I’m sucked in.

I’ll end this post here short, because drabbles about kdramas are best served when I actually finish the series. And when the series is a lot more intriguing than this fluff stuff. Of course, I love this fluff stuff. BLEH.


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