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TRON: Legacy

December 18, 2010


Pictured: Daft Punk at the premiere of Tron: Legacy

I remember watching the original TRON movie back in 2000. Even then, it’d been an old movie at 18 years old. It was pretty weird seeing something kind of low tech looking yet knowing that it was supposed to be considered high tech at the time of it’s release. My biggest comparison at the time would have been The Matrix. But, I knew that this was the matrix before the Matrix was even thought of. I thought the movie was ok, but I knew there were people out there who considered it a huge classic.

This week, I watched TRON: Legacy. Literally 28 years since the original came out and a decade since I’d seen the original, this was a long time coming. So long in fact, that I had to go back and rewatch TRON because I didn’t remember a thing besides the light cycles. If watching TRON in 2000 was an interesting experience, watching it in 2010 was a wild one. Everything seemed super old, I was half expecting to hear more Pong and Pac-Man sounds come out of my speakers! But after going through it, I was ready for Legacy.

I actually watched Legacy at on opening night at the midnight showing in 3D. They said a majority of the film was done in 3D, not just converted. I was actually surprised to see that there was no line at all for this movie and I assumed it was either because only old people would be going to watch it (those old enough to remember the original) or because a storm had just come in and people didn’t feel like going out to the movies. I ended up in the theater about half an hour before show time and only half the seats were filled. By the start of the trailers, all seats were packed, amazing.


The movie was pretty awesome, the whole “TRON 3D in your face” was done pretty well, although I can imagine it not being needed since the CG was done really nicely. I can definitely see the TRON clothing style coming back into fashion after this movie, albeit in clubs and junk. A major highlight for me was when Daft Punk had their cameo in the movie. Daft Punk actually did the soundtrack for the movie and it was EPIC. Mixing old school with modern house and the occasional classical thrown in made it an incredible music experience while watching this movie.


Light Cycles!
Of course, everyone wants to talk about the new generation Light Cycles. Those things were wicked! When I started to miss the old school Light cycle, it shows up in the movie, too! Haha, very cool. And there’s a huge surprise at the ending battle with jets. Let’s just say, I’m still speechless and I want to watch it again.


TRON: Legacy is definitely a great movie. Online reviews say the ending it pretty weak, but seriously, how many movies can top their cult classic forefathers? This movie has great action, awesome light showings, and to top it all off, this offering is coming from DISNEY. You can’t go wrong with this movie, 3D or not. And I’m definitely getting this movie when it comes out for our homes.


Caked on Dust

December 11, 2010


You know what’s gross? Opening your computer to find it with tons of dust bunnies breeding like mad. Ok, that’s not a very accurate way to describe it, but it’s pretty messed up. Most of us don’t see the inside of our computer case often, if at all, unless we’re installing something new into it. Realistically, that’s the better part of a year or two. When we do, we’re are exposed to the dusty caked-on nasties that have grown and developed since the last time we opened up our beastie (maybe even from the time before). I had a new hard drive to install today, so I thought it was a good chance to spray the insides.

Oh, this is by no means a guide to cleaning your computer. Take it as just friendly advice.

Suit up
Wear a face mask and maybe gloves, it’s dirty inside and things will definitely go flying. You don’t want the crud on you and you’ll most definitely won’t want to be sucking the gunk into your lungs either.

Blast that foo!
Seriously, disconnect your cables, drag the big guy (your computer) out into your garage or yard (don’t do it in your house), and blast that sucker with some compressed air. Remember, short bursts do the trick or else you’ll soon find yourself with a wet computer that won’t be happy when it comes time to power up. Hit the major hotspots first: Fans and heat sinks.

That can is going to get cold fast as the result of a chemical reaction, so either have patience as you wait for it to get back to room temperature and continue or else have a secondary can so you can switch off.

Spray your cards, drives, and cables. Heck, give a blast of your mobo, it’ll start snowing dust. Finally, blast the case inside and out.

If you think you’re done, go again.
The thing with dust is that it’ll creep everywhere in your case. Every crevice, crack, or gap will be a hiding spot for these critters. If you’ve blasted every visible area, it’s time to get creative. Grab a flashlight and start probing around inside. You may have to grab a screwdriver and pull out some hard drives or a sound card, but really, check everywhere. You’ll be surprised to see that dust gathers in the smallest of places, kind of like how sand at the beach gets everywhere.

Feel proud it’s clean, prepare for next time
A clean computer will only stay clean for so long. After a year, you’re going to be in the same situation. It’s ok, that’s normal. If you place your computer on the floor, on the carpet, or have pets, this caked-on accumulation takes no time to form. Make it at least a yearly habit to clean your computer. You’ll thank yourself the next time you go to install that new video card. And, with less dust inside your computer and clearer airways and heatsinks, it’ll allow your computer to breathe easier and be less prone to overheating.

It took me about 30 minutes to clean my computer. I had two cans of compressed air so I could switch off and I was wearing a facemask. It’s actually pretty fun blasting air from the can, that little nozzle makes it feel powerful. Just remember, keep it to short bursts. I actually did a prolonged spray on a piece of cardboard (about a full second) and it got wet, so remember, SHORT BURSTS. Rick knows this firsthand, he ruined some of his own computer stuff a few years ago Smile.


a playful kiss at it’s best

December 3, 2010

Ok, terrible name.

Yet another kdrama I’m watching/pulverizing. This one has been bugging me for a while because it’s been sitting in my Hulu queue for some time now. That’s right, it’s got an American license to be subbed already. Pretty crazy.


Being the person that I am, I actually went and downloaded softsubs for this instead of streaming through Hulu. Hulu is great and all, but it’s a pain when watching kdramas because of the commercials. I must say, this series is very cute. It’s got a lot of scenes where the guy makes fun of the girl and said girl attempts to get revenge. I’m a sucker for the stuff, so yeah, I’m sucked in.

I’ll end this post here short, because drabbles about kdramas are best served when I actually finish the series. And when the series is a lot more intriguing than this fluff stuff. Of course, I love this fluff stuff. BLEH.

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