Black Friday and the after (dinner) party

November 26, 2010


Black Friday Sale (BFS, apparently)
The craziness of Black Friday. It’s always nuts in stores and this is the second year in a row in which I did not go to line up. I’ve done lineups for the years before and I’ve gotten tired of it. Staying up late, outside, freezing, uncomfortable. Then fighting people to grab that oh so illusive item. Thankfully with the advent of online retailers, most of the sale items could be found online. Which is what I did.

In fact, barring a new computer desk (L-desk, YAY!) I bought from Staples and a peacoat my sister bought as a gift for me, every single Black Friday purchase I made this year was online. Many places coupled in Free Shipping and Amazon doesn’t even charge tax! The ones who charged tax at least gave enough of a substantial discount to warrant the minor aftercharge.

I’m glad I chose to stay home, warm, in the comfort of my room, in my PJs. I was able to snag special late night sale items online, chat with my friends, watch a few movies, and all the while make food in my kitchen. Did I mention I was warm and in my PJs? Definitely beats standing outside in the cold. Also, there was a freezing warning out last night.

Amazingly, the first item I ordered from two days ago has arrived today, on Black Friday itself! That’s incredible! I can’t believe I’m getting something already! The next string of shipments should be arriving next week, most likely Monday or Tuesday. I can’t wait, there are two pairs of Puma’s coming that I’m particularly uber excited about.

Birthday Dinner Party
My birthday was on the 23rd (I’m 23 now, baby!) and I’ll be having a get together dinner at Elephant Bar. It’s funny, I originally reserved for BJ’s but they cancelled my reservation. Oh well, I’ve been having it at Elephant Bar for a few years now so it’s kind of like a tradition to go back there.

Sidenote, I had these for Thanksgiving. Turkey was pushed back for Christmas.


Those are quail. It’s a nice twist on a typical fowl dish. Get it? LOL, I’m terrible.

Those guys, I don’t even know what they are. They’re kind of like empanadas, except they’re savory. There is minced meat, potatoes and what looks to be either golden raisins or dates inside. Very tasty little buggers.


Besides the telltale green beans, this dish through me off but was amazing! We’re looking at sliced grilled strip steak on a bed of roasted potatoes and white mushrooms topped with red chimichurri. My mom whipped this up from just an image she saw in a newspaper. It was by far my favorite dish that night.



  1. […] it at Black Friday and the after (dinner) party via The Brain 2 […]

  2. Still empanadas. Philippine empanadas are savory. Actually, almost exactly how you described them. So… I think you had Filipino empanadas for thanksgiving. Woot.

    My mother makes them with ground beef/pork, potatoes, carrots/peas and raisins.

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