Wrapped Up

November 9, 2010


Do you wrap yourself up in your blanket when you sleep? You know what I’m talking about, taking the edges and tucking them under you so you’re like a giant log. I know I do. Of course there are certain reasons for doing this.

It’s f-ing cold at night
When the sun goes away and darkness falls, the temperature drops. Sometimes even your house will feel unbearably cold. As you climb into bed, you pull that big, thick blanket of yours up and over you. Then, you roll up in it and tuck the ends. At first, the material is cold to the touch because it’s been sitting there all day, in the cold air, just like you were a few minutes ago. But once you’re inside, the magic starts. Like a veritable oven, the blanket will now start to trap the heat given off from your body. In turn, it will start to warm you up. As your body slowly heats up, it in turn gives off more body warmth. The process continues until you get all nice and toasty. At this point, your worst thoughts will involve having to climb out to go to the bathroom, releasing all that built up happiness.

As a child, the ultimate defense against the things that went bump in the night was your blanket. Whenever you watched that scary movie or heard that horror story, you’d go running into the comforting folds of your blanket for refuge. Sure, your parents would be able to kick all the monsters out of the closet and under the bed, but what about the ones that showed up to the party late? Instead of breaking a run for your parents bed right away, you would bust out the blanket wrap and extend it above your head. Now, making sure that you left a little hole to peak out (and for breathing), you can really make sure if there was something out there. Only when you really made sure that thing that went bump in the dark was a threat would you finally break your castle defense for the holy land of your parents bedroom.

Extra support
When that comforter is tucked in correctly, you’ve got extra padding. Immediately under you is now nearly an inch to an inch-and-a-half of cotton and polyester. If you didn’t know any better, you’d have thought that you were sleeping in your sleeping bag on top of your bed. It’s downright comfy. And the larger your blanket is, the thicker the padding you get. Or, if you have a large bed, you can spread out this padding to allow yourself a bit of rolling room while maintaining that oh-so-toasty warmth trapped inside.

Getting wrapped up
I know most of us don’t think about our blankets often, but it’s something we should all take a second. I love my blanket, it’s a huge dark blue King-sized comforter that is uber comfy. It breathes in summer and is awesomely warm in the winter. When I wash the sucker, I have to go to the laundromat and use a single machine just for it. But oh is the big guy worth it.



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