Korean drama My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

October 18, 2010

It’s been a while since I watched a Korean drama. So, with great anticipation I set out to find something recent that was getting good reviews. I stumbled upon a series that not only starred people whom I knew and liked, but also had an interesting story to go along with it.

Gumiho is pronounced goo-me-ho. It means nine-tailed fox that in Korean lore, turns into a beautiful woman and seduces men to eat their livers to survive. Why their livers? According to them, the liver contains the essence of life since it helps process food.

In My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, this whole premise turns out to be the result of a rumor that was spread 500 years ago. The gumiho just enjoys eating meat, not even human meat at that. Instead, the gumiho here enjoys beef and chicken very much so.

She starts off trapped inside of a scroll painting. Drawn as a fox without any tails, she remains here for 500 years until the start of the drama series. Our main hero stumbles upon the scroll painting as he hides out at a temple after having run away from home due to scholastic pressure from his family members. The gumiho is able to speak to him and is able to scare him into drawing on nine tails, thus freeing the gumiho from the scrolling. Henceforth, the gumiho continues to stick close to our main hero as she is new to our 500-year different world. Laughter, tears, and misunderstandings ensue between all the people in the main characters life, including his family members, close friends, and love interests.

All this from only the first 4 episodes! That’s all I’ve watch so far because I’m still in the process of downloading the entire series. However, even at just a few episodes watched, this series is a very fun watch and I can’t wait to keep going.



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  2. Korean dramas can be recommended especially for their collection. Korean drama is very interesting, in terms of story, the movie player is also handsome and pretty typical of Asia, making us drifting and crazy, so it does not easily forget.

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