Being sick is not cool

October 11, 2010

This is a given, duh.

I don’t get sick too often during the year. But, when I do get sick, it sucks. It creeps in slowly and then makes itself comfortable, sticking around for 2-3 weeks! I hate it.

Sneaky, sneaky.
I’ll be going out at night, staying up late, and even wearing thin clothing in cold weather but I won’t get sick. My immune system is pretty good when it comes to that. However, my immune system does a sort-of reboot yearly and that’s when it’s at it’s most vulnerable. And I won’t know it’s doing it so I’ll get this weird feeling in my throat one day. Next day, my voice starts to go. Oh NO!

It’s starts… Or not?
Then, it goes away! After a day or two of feeling an onset cold, I feel fine. That’s just a trick, kind of like the calm before a storm. Next day, I’m hit. Hard. Half my senses are dulled, the other half go on vacation. My throat hurts and my voice comes out at an octave higher than normal. I start getting the sniffles, I’ll cough randomly, and my eyes start tearing at the most conversationally awkward moments. Just normal symptoms of a regular cold. Should clear up in a few days or so, treat it with meds, fluids, rest, the usual shabang.

*cough cough*
Those random coughs start becoming more regular. Waking up often gets followed by this weird face I make after I stare at the sink in disgust at what I just coughed up. Great, the cold has turned into a cough. At this point the regular nose-related symptoms will start to go away so I can breathe again! Only problem is that taking a deep breathe invokes a struggle with my lungs and air fighting it’s way through my body. I spasm awkwardly as my body jerks involuntarily with coughs. Grrrr, not fun. When I was really little, I actually ended up in the hospital because a cold-turned-cough was wreaking too much havoc on my respiratory system.

Mental slip
This is where it starts to get a little funky. No, I don’t go crazy, but more along the lines of my mental state going… all over the place. Some days, I’ll be normal, able to be serious and focus on all matters at hand with a clear mature state of mind. Other days, I could be as mature as a 6 year old. I’ll cheer at the most random of things and be disappointed at the most little. I’ve hacked my iPhone while sick and was only starting to feel satisfied when I found out I got email. O_O

Final stage…the long draw
At this point, all symptoms will be cleared except the occasional light cough. Which is annoying because it’s not a full on cough. I call it a puppy cough, a light scoff here and there, “oh!” here and an “oh!” there. It’d quite annoying mainly because of people’s reactions. Either they think I’m faking it at this point or they think it’s cute. It is not fake nor is it cute. It’s a perversion of my near-ending sickness. Grrr, again.

Right now, I’m actually going through the slow beginning cough stages. I’m blasting meds and vitamins like crazy, hoping I can get through this cold as fast as possible.



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  2. I have a feeling why you die much when you get sick. It’s because, in fact, you’re too clean. -_-

    All the pathogens are just hanging out, outside of your body, kept away from your immune system. Since You’re almost never sick, you don’t have the antibodies to fight back.

    So when you DO get sick. No amount of Yigg berries or leaves can save you. Just teleport back to Pront and wait to respawn.

    May I make a suggestion? Probiotics. =D Or you could /try/ to get sick more often…

    I’d go with the former, if I were you.

    • That’s so weird! I mean, I’m not a filthy person, but I’m pretty messy. I can imagine I’m no cleaner than the next average person. The germs must be segregating me. Racist germs.

      • Clean in the sense that your immune system. Your body doesn’t have any bad stuff in it. So it’s not used to it when your immune system gets shot.

        And I know how you live. Old, dirty plates about your computer area. And a HUGE bottle of Vit. C from costco. hahah

        Cut back a bit on the Vit C. Let your body get used to getting sick, so when you do get sick; you won’t die.

        Like the flu shot. The flu shot is basically a weak strain of the flu virus, so you can get the antibodies.

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