Munching while typing

October 3, 2010

image Yummy

One of my favorite things to do while I’m typing away on a paper is to munch on Pocky. Most of you have seen my Quest for Pocky video and it would suffice to say that the passion is still there. As I’m typing up this post, I have a pack of original Strawberry Pocky open on my desk. My mom actually bought it for me because she saw it and remembered I liked them. There are a lot of Pocky flavors out there!

Other choices?
Of course, Pocky isn’t the only munchie I enjoy while I punch furiously away on my keyboard. M&M’s are great to have because they don’t melt in your hand when you move them from packet to mouth. White Rabbit candy is awesome because they last for quite a bit of time before they fully dissolve. Granted, that rice paper peel flies everywhere when you first unwrap a piece.

image Pick up a pack a Costco

And it’s not really food, but chewing gum is a nice flavor inducer. I’m a huge addict of Trident Original. It has a nice kind of minty flavor to it, it’s approved by the ADA (American Dental Association) so it’s actually good for your teeth, and each pack has 18 pieces. I usually have a pack on my desk for the times where I feel the need to chew on something.

Not so great choices?
Basically, anything that get’s your hand dirty or drops crumbs. I’m typing, for goodness sake. The last thing I need is for my fingers to feel sticky or for them to be coated in red or yellow cheese powder. And crumbs in your keyboard? That’s just not sanitary nor fun. If I’m blasting away on the keyboard, I’ll be staying away from chips. Gotta love Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, except when you need to type a sentence and your fingers are bright red. They actually have a term for that called “cheeto fingers.” It’s fun and tasty to lick them clean, but it’s kind of gross when you know that afterwards you’ll be placing those said fingers onto your keyboard.

imageNot my fingers

And chips break when you bite them. The ensuing crumb rain will make your keyboard cry out in agony like you’re dropping edible spikes on it.

image Crumbly. Fear glazed donuts, it’s like snowfall.

Cookies, donuts, pastries, and pretty much any baked good is a no-no while you’re working the keys on your ‘board. Cookies drop crumbs and donuts drop sugar. Pastries are great until you bite into them. Crumb bits are the least of your worries there as any gooey filling inside is sure to wind up outside. If it’s sweet and sticky, it should wait until you’re done.

Stuff with utensils?
That’s an interesting choice. Cut fruit with say, a toothpick, can be a nice healthy munchie while typing. Remember to keep the service plate/bowl under you while you eat so as not to drip juices on yourself/keyboard. Cup noodles aren’t really a munchie as they are a food/meal item. The cup prevents droppage and you’ll be using chopsticks/forks. But, it really does take away your hands from the keyboard.

imageHow real men eat fruits. Ok, not fully true.

Just a habit
Sure, it might not be a great or healthy habit, but munching on something while typing up code or a blog post makes time fly by a little faster and makes the wait for real food less painful. Of course, you could just stop typing and go get some real food, but where’s the fun in that?


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