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Obligatory before school post

September 19, 2010


Oh bother
Ok, that’s probably not the face I’m making right now, but that’s how I feel. It’s that time again where everyone has to go back to their regular stuff. You know, school, work, getting things done and done. Being responsible. UGH. If only summer break could continue longer…

Actually, no. Aside from not being able to hang out with my friends on-demand, I’m actually sick of summer break. It’s boring. I spend most days getting up super late and that’s unhealthy. I’m running out of things to do and that’s kind of sad. Can you believe that one of the highlights of my week was going to Safeway in the middle of the night for a slice of chocolate cake?


Sure, that shizz was good. And being able to venture off in the middle of the night for some indulgence really feels awesome. It’s truly something really enjoyed when you know that tomorrow doesn’t require you getting up to go to class. But really, I’m ready to head back to a routine day. Of course, once it hits, I’ll be complaining about how much it sucks. Meh, that’s for the next post, 🙂

New computer toy!
Yeah! I’ve been a little computer gadget deprived for quite a while, so you can imagine how elated I was when my mom approved my latest computer project. You see, I’ve been hooking up my old (weak, decrepit, take your pick) laptop up to my living room TV to watch movies and Hulu. It works fine with movie files that are AVIs, but stutters on MKVs and Hulu. A lot. Like, when you’re playing a game and someone in your house is torrenting. Grrrr.

Anyway, I told my mom that they have small computer’s called HTPCs that are designed to be hooked up to TVs and play media well. My mom said it’d be a good idea to get one so we’d have a more smoother experience watching movies and such on the living room TV. Booyah!!!! A quick order on Newegg, a few days wait, and I was in possession of an Asrock Ion330HT:


You can judge the scale by the remote that comes with it. This guy is pretty small for a computer. Granted, this is a computer I hand picked for it’s componnents, ones that would allow me to bust out 1080P content onto my 42” Sony LCD. After some crazy software installs and configuring, I have it set to work all by remote with XBMC. It’s pretty awesome. And the nice thing is that even my mom knows how to turn it on, play movies, and turn it off. Simple stuff and it doesn’t even consume much power. Not much more than a regular DVD player, which it replaces because it plays DVDs, too.

Any plans for anything at all?
Actually, not for a while. Not planning on going on any trips. Not planning on visiting anyone far. Not really planning on buying anything. It’s that transition time from summer-to-fall where I just let things flow. Ok, the buying thing isn’t entirely true. I’m thinking of picking up a 2TB hard drive on Black Friday. That is, if the stores will listen to consumer demand.

One moar thing…
A small thing. I acquired (bought for a dollar)! Again! LOL. I had it before for about a year. Then, it expired and I was too cheap to pay for it. A recent promotion let me get at it for just $1. So that means another year of redirecting to my blog. Yay, easy access!

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