Summer reading catch-up

July 5, 2010


I enjoy reading a lot, be it a real physical book or lots of text on my phone. Problem is that I generally don’t have too much time to read during the school year. Good thing now that it’s summer, I can catch up on my reading. Yes, summer time is supposed to be where you go out and play. And I definitely do that! It’s just those lulls in-between the events that suck. You know, where you just kind of sit there doing nothing as you refresh your browser over and over hoping for that website you’ve been staring at for the past hour to update. Those days, it’s great to sit back and read a book.

My latest reads are “Changes” by Jim Butcher, the latest in the Dresden Files series of books, and “The Good, the Bad, and the Uncanny” by Simon R. Green, the latest in his Nightside series. Both were good reads, especially Changes, it was an amazing novel. Sadly, the sequels to both these novels won’t be out till late this year or next year, which makes me a sad panda. 😦

My next book is actually Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The 7th and final book for the Harry Potter series came out back in July of 2007. I bought the book on release day, read half of it, and gave up. It’s something I rarely do with books I read, it’s all or nothing in one go. But for some reason, I couldn’t finish it. I actually went back to this book and started from the beginning, attempting to both refresh my mind of the early events of this book and to finally finish it. I did this three times! And I still get stuck at the same part. So, this time, I hope that’ll finally be able to read it all the way through.

Besides these titles, I actually have quite a few others I’m hoping to get through. I used to do a lot of reading during the summers, but the last couple of years have seen that hobby dwindle. As such, I have a backlog that is, well, literally taller than me if you physically stacked the books. Koontz, Card, Clancy, Lewis, and Miller are a few of the authors I’ll be going through, along with numerous series, including game novels, stories based on Halo, StarCraft, Warcraft, and such. Of course, my goal isn’t to speed read them or even to read them all, but to enjoy an old past time of mine as I re-enter different worlds through reading.


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  1. Dune By Frank Herbert. Please, please. I HIGHLY reccomend it. Being a scifi fanboy like me, it’s a must read.

    He who controls the spice controls the universe

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