Fan(-boy) and basher rant

July 2, 2010

Just saying, I really hate it when people use the fanboy card. Let’s take Apple products for example. There are definitely haters and fanboys out there. But, to blindly call someone a fanboy because they own something is utter and total bullshit. If that person likes something, leave them to be.

I remember when I first bought an iPhone 3G 2 years ago and a friend of mine called me an Apple Fanboy. Wow, really? Of all the products Apple produces, the entire iMac, Mac Pro, Macbook, and iPod lines, all I owned was an iPhone. But because I wanted to talk about my newly (expensive) purchased phone, he called me a fanboy. When I called him an Apple basher, he said Apple comes up with incredulous claims over simple or old ideas. Guess what? It’s called Marketing. If I sold you a car, I’d come up with special words and phrases to get you to buy the car. And I’d definitely make it sound amazing. But it still comes down to your judgment about the car. Same with Apple, their claims maybe be ridiculous, but it’s our job to ignore that and really understand what it is we’re buying. That includes any pitfalls of the products. I knew the pitfalls and I still wanted the phone because it fit my needs. Sure, you can try convincing me to get a different phone. And I’d listen! But in the end, it’s still my choice, not yours. It’s my opinion that matters at the end because I’m the one forking down the money and using it.

In reverse, people being a blind fanboy really irks me, too. They’ll be completely oblivious to any problem that manifests in their loves (products.) The worse thing is, it’s largely prevalent among Apple users. There are certainly smart Apple users keeping an open mind. But for every one of those, there’s 5 fanboys. But to call them fanboys really just labels you as a basher. Why waste your time arguing with someone who won’t admit a mistake? Not only will you get nowhere, you get angrier at people like them. And in the end, both people like you and people like them get worser reputations.

iPhone has drawn a large crowd of bashers from the Android crowd. I like Android a lot and think a lot of their ideas are really good. It’s just annoying that, more often than not, an Android user accuses someone of being an iPhone fanboy. That immediately labels them as a iPhone hater and basher. Which is terribly stupid. Does that mean they don’t appreciate nicely designed products with easy to use interfaces? Of course not. That’s what Android is striving to do, duh! How Apple people disliking Android? Does that mean they dislike open architectures and customizability? Nope. Because this is the reason Apple introduced the App store to allow you to add applications to your device. Sure, one could argue certain restrictions and aspects from either side limit or handicap both prospects. But really, it all comes down to liking a product for what it is, the product you used your money to buy. It’s yours, you’ll like it. If you don’t like it, that’s fine, too. But to turn your hatred or blind love into something that damages the way people look at you? That’s just a damn shame.

I upgraded my 3G to an iPhone 4 last week. A few friends called me a fanboy. When my annoyance at being labeled as one became apparent, they said it was all just done in fun and a joke. Well, guess what? Attacking the company or the product is one thing, To throw a verbal attack at a person is entirely different and can be a serious matter. Calling someone a fanboy or a basher definitely falls into a verbal attack at someone’s character. I don’t know about some people, but I don’t take that lightly. On myself or on others. If it comes down to it, I’ll get pretty worked up and really get in someone’s face about it. Things can get pretty nasty there until I get a apology.


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