Driving, without a car

June 30, 2010


Went with Arthur to the driving range today for the first time. It’s interesting, I’ve never really had an interest in golfing. We did random golfing in high school PE and I sucked at that, but it still sounded kind of fun. So, why not? Besides, Arthur said he had some of his Dad’s old drivers and got them cleaned up a bit. Let’s do it!

When we got there, we walked through the main building and out back to the range. Arthur and I were kind of lost because we’re never been to this location and could not find the ball vending machine at first! Good thing process of elimination helped, if it’s not on the left, it’s on the right. $13 bucks for 150 balls. And off we were to find a spot.

We picked one a little ways off from the main peeps because they looked kind of intense. Arthur had some tees in his bag and we were set to go. I grabbed a driver(1) and Arthur grabbed his, a brand new one he bought earlier that day to mess around with. After a tries, we both realized that we either suck horribly but it was funny. Oh, there was a guy riding around on the green collecting balls and I hit his cart! Totally didn’t mean to but we cracked up anyway. One thing we quickly realized was that whenever we did get a good hit, we’d lose a tee. Problem was, we had a small amount of tees. After 150 balls and random amounts of success, we had only one tee left as we were leaving.

Not bad, it was fun trying something (for me, it was new!) new. Oh, one funny thing was that we thought there as a dress code. Arthur and I were both wearing polos, shorts, caps, and clear white shoes. Turns out this location didn’t require a dress code. People were driving in wifebeaters, jerseys, basketball shorts, whatever! Oh well, at least we were dressed respectably.


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