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Birthday cake!

May 6, 2010


You know, birthday cakes are special. They help us celebrate a special event, the birth of that person whom you hold special. There are a lot of people out there who don’t like birthday cakes or even cake in general. Well, just to be respectful, you should at least accept a slice. Even if you don’t eat it, it’s polite.

I’m partial to sweeter cakes but there are a lot of people out there who enjoy fruits in their cakes. My family (and extended family) enjoy the flavor of mocha the most. It’s ever present in our birthday cakes. Once in a while, a fruit cake with custard arrives but we can’t help but mention that it would have been nice if the cake had contained mocha frosting. Oh, and the cake is almost always sponge cake instead of American-style cake which is kind of thicker and denser.

Asians enjoy lighter cakes. If it’s custard, it has fruits. Regular cake? It’s going to have a light butter cream. We stay away from heavy dense frostings and dread the cakes from Safeway and Costco. Those things are diabetic bombs just waiting to happen. Besides, too sweet and you just get sick of it. We keep the sweetness at just the right level for you to enjoy the entire slice of cake. And maybe the next slice, too.

Oh, by the way, the picture of the cake above is actually my Dad’s birthday cake! I bought it for him, it’s Tiramisu! Happy Birthday Dad!

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