Parents planning things without asking you

April 22, 2010


Yeah, that’s what I probably look like whenever my parents plan something that involves me without asking me.

You know how it is. They say you’ll be somewhere, wear something, you can do that, or you know it. Then, they go to you later (sometimes hours later) and either tell you to do it or blatantly ask you if you’re going to be free “cause I promise you’d do something.” It would have made more sense if they included you earlier!

The latest time this has happened to me was yesterday. I’d been in my room reading for a few hours while my parents were examining our new kitchen countertop. The installer only drilled one hole for the faucet but my Dad wants to use a base plate with it which requires two additions holes, one on each side. So, he calls up the installer and asks that they come back and drill the extra holes. The installer says “no problem, what time is best?” To which my Dad replies “Come any time, my son will be home.” Then, he hangs up and neglects to tell me for 2 freakin hours! I had to ask him what he thought of the countertop and I finally got him to lay the spiel down that I was stuck at home the next day.

The worst part, my Dad didn’t specify a time. The installer has been late the last two days he came to work and those were days where he was asked to arrive at a certain time. “ANY TIME” could be anywhere from 8AM to 6PM, their working hours. I have no class today, but I’d really like to go out. Instead, I’m stuck at home waiting for that inevitable ring from my doorbell. And I have no clue when it’ll come. I’m even afraid of using the bathroom because I’m scared they’ll arrive when I’m in there. Grrrr.

I’m going to be very angry if they show up when my parents are home from work. That’s a whole entire day of going out, wasted.


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