Day 8 w/out a kitchen, disposable chopstick hate

April 19, 2010


So, today marks day 8 without a fully functional kitchen at my house. My dad’s got a bunch of cabinets in now, but the sink, stove, oven, and dish water are still out of commission. The fridge is in it’s new location and it’s wonderful! Finally, I can open both doors fully. Looks like some measurements were off and a replacement cabinet needs to be acquired before my dad can finalize the work. In the meantime, he’ll be getting the sink going and hopefully the dishwater. I miss having the ability to clean dishware and utensils. Which leads me to my next thought.

I hate disposable chopsticks.
We mainly use wooden chopsticks at my house. Occasionally we bust out the lacquered plastic ones. I’m used to them being in a uniform shape, clean and able to deliver food into my mouth. I dread disposable chopsticks that come free when you order takeout. They irk me so much. The ones connected at the ends require you to snap them apart. They almost never break apart evenly, leaving you with one thin-ended and one fat-ended stick. Grrr. Then, you have to rub them together to get rid of splinters, the splinters! I hate the splinters. In some cultures, it’s rude to rub them together because you’re saying that the business supplied you with low quality chopsticks.

Well, they are cheap! And they have splinters. If they don’t have splinters, I won’t rub them together. I guess it’s because my hand moves around on the chopsticks too much , because I have a fear of getting stuck with splinters. And there’s no way I’m putting a splintery end anywhere near my mouth. For the last couple of days, I’ve had to use disposable chopsticks. I’ve literally thrown away nearly as many as I’ve used because they came out looking like they’ve got a bad hair day! Splinters everywhere. Eesh. I hope the kitchen sinks comes back quick, so I can use my regular chopsticks, soon.


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