Day 3 without a kitchen, new header

April 14, 2010

Day 3 without a kitchen! It’s not too bad now. My dining table has become the counter-space seeing as how all the appliances are resting on it. We plugged in the microwave! Yeah, it’s such a small thing but it really does help when you need to reheat takeout leftovers.


I redid the header up above since it’s been a while. The old one was something I whipped together using a random light bulb photo and some swooshing of the paintbrush inside Photoshop. This one is decidedly simpler and yet, took just slightly more effort to create. The circle above is actually a modified version of a logo Andrew and I designed quite a while back. It was just black and white and would often confuse people since it was kind of random. With a little tweaking, I gave it a bit of a 2.0 look with a fade from a dark to light color and a nice reflection. This also allows me to easily change the color of the logo itself, I have variations in red, orange, pink, purple, and green even! I haven’t been this excited about the logo since Andrew first sent me a mockup way back when.


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