Day 1 without a kitchen (or dining room)

April 12, 2010



What you see above a one side of what used to be the kitchen at my house. The other side is just as bad, I tell you. My dad and one of his friends tore is apart yesterday, which I like to call Day 0. They’re slowly going to rebuild it with all new cabinets and some repositioning of the kitchen sink, dishwasher, stove/oven, and refrigerator.

Without cabinets, all of the “stuff” inside them has ended up on our dining table and into our spare room. So, we can’t cook and we can’t even eat at our own dining table. My mom and I went out to some Chinese fast food to bring back home. Bust out those plastic forks and knives to accentuate the paper plates, cause that’s how we had dinner that night huddled around the coffee table in the living room.

Don’t worry Cathy, I spread a few layers of newspaper over your Tigger Puzzle! There shouldn’t be any stains (at least not sweet and sour pork stains.)


And not having a sink meant not being able to clean dishes, so luckily all those plastic utensils and paper plates also meant easy cleaning. Just dump them into the trash.

My dad says he’ll try to get some small bits of work done on the kitchen each day, but the real work won’t be done till the weekend. That means all week without a kitchen or dining table. Looks like eating out all week at this rate. It shouldn’t be too bad, I hope.


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