Up late for the early sunrise

March 10, 2010


Once again, staying up late eats into my sleep. After working out with Arthur earlier last night, I took a shower and ended up feeling more awake than tired. I popped down in front of the computer and Hulu becomes my refuge for a few hours as I start to go through some videos in my queue. The latest episodes of Chuck were both pretty good and had surprise endings that really threw me for a spin.

I’m testing out Windows Live Writer. It’s a part of the Windows Live Suite which you can download for Windows 7. It let’s you make and edit posts to blogs and is actually quite a nice program to boot. That fancy picture above? Yup, created with some simple effects within Writer than took me literally 3 seconds to do instead of a few minutes inside Photoshop (albeit some would only take a few seconds, but I’m not a master of PS.) I actually Writer so far, it’s nicer than just making a post inside of WordPress, the effects are nice to have, and it was free so why not? I’ll see how long I use it, haha.


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  1. […] A little talk about staying up late when I should be sleeping. I swear, I’m probably my melatonin levels are all messed up. https://thebrain2u.wordpress.com/2010/03/10/up-late-for-the-early-sunrise/ […]

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