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Burning Rice

March 16, 2010

I’m sitting here in front of a bowl of rice quite like the one pictured below.

imageThe only bad part is that I’m afraid to start devouring it like a rabid wolf who just came across some wounded animal. The reason? Because I’d like to retain some sort of feeling left in my mouth after my meal. The rice is ridiculously hot and would no doubt burn my tongue, maybe even other places in my mouth that I don’t know the name of.

I had freshly made rice and was piling it on to a plate. Then, I stupidly piled on cold soy sauce chicken. Well, you can eat cold chicken, can you? At least, I wouldn’t want to if I didn’t have to. So, into the microwave it goes for a little bit of nuking. BAD. Hot rice getting even hotter. When it came out, you wouldn’t believe the amount of steam rising off of the plate. I plucked the plate out of the microwave and set at it with my chopsticks.

First bite was a piece of chicken. Oh, it was good. Not chewy like you’d expect chicken after it’s been microwave’d. Which was a good thing, because then I nearly jumped out of my chair as I shoveled a large lump of piping hot rice into my mouth. I’d probably describe it as placing edible lumps of coal into my oh-so-sensitive mouth. The pain, it was painful. But, I didn’t spit it out because I’m manly like that. HAHA. I sloshed it around and starting doing that whole reverse breathing you’re supposed to do to prevent tongue death (read: burn.) So, that’s the situation I’m at, a plate of rice way too hot to eat and it’s all my fault. Oh well, this sadness will dissipate in a few minutes. I can wait since it’s food.


Up late for the early sunrise

March 10, 2010


Once again, staying up late eats into my sleep. After working out with Arthur earlier last night, I took a shower and ended up feeling more awake than tired. I popped down in front of the computer and Hulu becomes my refuge for a few hours as I start to go through some videos in my queue. The latest episodes of Chuck were both pretty good and had surprise endings that really threw me for a spin.

I’m testing out Windows Live Writer. It’s a part of the Windows Live Suite which you can download for Windows 7. It let’s you make and edit posts to blogs and is actually quite a nice program to boot. That fancy picture above? Yup, created with some simple effects within Writer than took me literally 3 seconds to do instead of a few minutes inside Photoshop (albeit some would only take a few seconds, but I’m not a master of PS.) I actually Writer so far, it’s nicer than just making a post inside of WordPress, the effects are nice to have, and it was free so why not? I’ll see how long I use it, haha.


Bandwidth hogs at public wifi/access points

March 2, 2010

When someone leeches your internet, you’ll be pissed. It’s your internet and no one else has to the right to it. But when you’re at a public place, everyone has a right to it. The problem is, everyone has the right to it. So, every once in a while, you get the loser jerkface who goes in to run his download of a movie file in the hundreds of megabytes, slowing down the already tiny bandwidth to an utter crawl. It really irks me. And the worst part is when you can almost tell who it is by their posture. They’ll most often be staring at their screen intently, not typing much while others are blasting away on research papers and essays, and more often than not wearing headphones.

Sure, not all culprits of said actions are the people behind your painful web surfing experience at your local Starbucks or Panera Bread. But, 9 times out of 10, it’s that guy. He’s getting comfy streaming his YouTube or downloading that humongous file from megaupload. And he needs a haircut and some real clothes, too. God, I hate those people. Please, leech the internet at your university campus or at home. Not in the public where others may be depending on it to actually accomplish real work, like checking emails for assignments or getting that ever important powerpoint sent. We don’t need you there getting nastily relaxed in a disturbing sprawled out position while we try to enjoy our coffee, snack, or attempt at getting done. Go Home.

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