It’s like, woah. Kinda.

January 27, 2010

I’m exhausted today. I was up all night working on some projects and then I had class in the morning. Near the end of class, no one could focus on their work because the new Apple iPad was announced. Some of us started looking up information and were discussing it. I was one of them and boy was I excited. Haha.

The Apple tablet device now known as iPad. It’s pretty cool, pretty much a giant iPod Touch that you would use as a computing device somewhere between your smartphone and a laptop. It’s what people like me, who use their iPhone sitting on the sofa while watching TV, have been waiting for. I can see it as the go-to device for the home user when you want to do some computing tasks without having to fire up a a computer and when your smartphone is too small or slow. I wrote a post about it on TechOnce today, catch it here:

I was finally able to replace my broken bluetooth headset with the brand new Jawbone Icon, released just 10 days ago! The little guy looked pretty big but when it arrived, it was almost the same size as my old headset, a Motorola H12. Being a Jawbone headset, it’s noise canceling is superb. I’ve made a bunch of phone calls already with ambient noise such as music in the car and watching a movie on my computer. Each time the person on the other end said that my voice came in loud and clear with the background noise greatly reduced and some times reduced to nothing. It’s a really great headset with only one caveat, price. For low end users and the average person, $99 is pricey for a bluetooth headset especially with the market flooded with headsets that can go as low as $14.99. Of course, you get what you pay for. Or in my case, as a gift.

I’ve finally gotten around to playing Tekken 6, it’s been a while! Tekken is a game that I really enjoy and it is by far my favorite fighting-game series of all time. With 6, they’ve added a new bounce system and rage meter, allowing for some really long and damaging combos. I’ve played the game at friends’ houses before but this is finally my chance to really play it. This means learning how to take advantage of the new system and new moves to full adapt myself to the new fighting world of Tekken. Hopefully, I’ll have brushed up and gotten pretty adept by the time FanimeCon rolls around. You see, FanimeCon usually hosts a plethora of gaming tournaments with Tekken being one of them. I took part in one of the tournaments back in 2006 and got in the top 8 from 40 participants. Since then, I’ve been missing on the chance to take part in the tournament again. For players who really delve into fighting games, the biggest boon is being able to play other people and to test our prowess. Of course, winning and bragging rights also play a big part!


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