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It’s like, woah. Kinda.

January 27, 2010

I’m exhausted today. I was up all night working on some projects and then I had class in the morning. Near the end of class, no one could focus on their work because the new Apple iPad was announced. Some of us started looking up information and were discussing it. I was one of them and boy was I excited. Haha.

The Apple tablet device now known as iPad. It’s pretty cool, pretty much a giant iPod Touch that you would use as a computing device somewhere between your smartphone and a laptop. It’s what people like me, who use their iPhone sitting on the sofa while watching TV, have been waiting for. I can see it as the go-to device for the home user when you want to do some computing tasks without having to fire up a a computer and when your smartphone is too small or slow. I wrote a post about it on TechOnce today, catch it here:

I was finally able to replace my broken bluetooth headset with the brand new Jawbone Icon, released just 10 days ago! The little guy looked pretty big but when it arrived, it was almost the same size as my old headset, a Motorola H12. Being a Jawbone headset, it’s noise canceling is superb. I’ve made a bunch of phone calls already with ambient noise such as music in the car and watching a movie on my computer. Each time the person on the other end said that my voice came in loud and clear with the background noise greatly reduced and some times reduced to nothing. It’s a really great headset with only one caveat, price. For low end users and the average person, $99 is pricey for a bluetooth headset especially with the market flooded with headsets that can go as low as $14.99. Of course, you get what you pay for. Or in my case, as a gift.

I’ve finally gotten around to playing Tekken 6, it’s been a while! Tekken is a game that I really enjoy and it is by far my favorite fighting-game series of all time. With 6, they’ve added a new bounce system and rage meter, allowing for some really long and damaging combos. I’ve played the game at friends’ houses before but this is finally my chance to really play it. This means learning how to take advantage of the new system and new moves to full adapt myself to the new fighting world of Tekken. Hopefully, I’ll have brushed up and gotten pretty adept by the time FanimeCon rolls around. You see, FanimeCon usually hosts a plethora of gaming tournaments with Tekken being one of them. I took part in one of the tournaments back in 2006 and got in the top 8 from 40 participants. Since then, I’ve been missing on the chance to take part in the tournament again. For players who really delve into fighting games, the biggest boon is being able to play other people and to test our prowess. Of course, winning and bragging rights also play a big part!


Simple? Maybe.

January 15, 2010

It’s interesting how sometimes you wonder how come it seems like there’s nothing interesting going on at the moment. But, then you sit down and think about what has actually happened and you realize, hey, lots of interesting things happened! That’s how I felt a few moment ago.

I had thought that in the month that’s passed, nothing really has changed and it’s been a boring passage of time. Well, turns out quite a bit has happened. Winter Break passed by pretty quickly for me. I think it’s because I usually had something to do most of the time. Almost every other day, I had an event to go to, people to hang out with, or something fun/interesting/strange/nice to do. A few friends complained that they had nothing to do during winter break and just sat around watching anime/playing games. That’s too bad, you need to get out and do things!

I even ventured into a casino again! Although, I didn’t gamble but that’s ok, I still had a pretty good time hanging out with my sister as we played in the arcade, had a pizza with way too much cheese for lunch, and rocked the in-door bowling alley. And, Cathy walked up to this random arcade game and on her first try, won the jackpot of 467 tickets. Crazy.

I actually didn’t shoot pool that often during the break. I started playing again a few days ago. Woah. Talk about getting rusty fast! Andrew and I were only making in about 50% of our shots. However, the next time we went to play, we were a lot better and nearly back to our regular play strengths. Today, we went again and the owner of the pool hall, Tony, let us use the special reserve tables and centennial balls. The special reserve tables are usually saved for regulars, members and players that Tony deems to have reached an adequate enough of a playing level. Today, there was a tournament going on so they were short on tables so Tony thought, why not, and we were on one!

These tables have awesomely clean and smooth cloth so the balls have crazy travel. They replace the cloth on these tables often and so the pockets are narrower than tables that have been used for a bit. This actually makes these tables harder to play on because each pocket is smaller and you have to be more precise in your shooting. We had trouble at the beginning because the pockets were small and it was difficult to make shots. But after a few tries, we started making more precise shots and everything was fine. In fact, I think having smaller pockets made us play better! I’ve gotten to use the centennial balls often because my friend who works there, Roy, secretly loans them out to me. Centennial balls seem smoother than regular balls and they feel like they have a denser core, it allows for awesome momentum transfer and players with softer hits (that’s me!) love them. Even a light hit can send centennials flying! With centennials, you don’t need too strong of a hit, a softer hit will actually get you better control of the target ball and will allow you to get longer draws. Most new players have strong hits, so the pool hall lends them regular balls because the players tend to smash them around. Playing at the special reserve tables and using centennial balls was awesome, it felt like being accepted as a regular player with an inkling of real skill! Haha, I hope someday to be able to regularly play like this.

A new IHOP finally opened up in Milpitas. I’ve been waiting for this place to open for ages! I’ve been there a bunch of times already, it’s just like any IHOP you’d expect. Although, because it’s still new, it seems like the manager has extra focus on having the staff act friendly to the patrons. I think that’s cool and I always treat my servers with a friendly manner. Excluding one visit, my server so far has always been this girl named Angel. She actually recognizes me now and greets me with a cute smile every time I’m there.

My bluetooth headset broke a few days ago and now I realize how much I miss it. I’ve almost always had a bluetooth headset while driving, I won’t answer the phone unless I have one with me. Without one, it’s become a bit of an inconvenience when I’m driving and a phone call comes in. I can either find a place to pull over and take the call or ignore it and call them back once I’ve reached my destination. However, pulling over isn’t always the best thing to do, especially if you’re blasting away a long freeway. As for waiting to call them back, that’s fine and all except when the call is really important and something you really need to respond to. I’ve actually missed a few important time-sensitive calls in the last few days. I’m definitely looking for a new bluetooth headset. And no, I’m not one of those people who wear the headset everywhere, talking to themselves in a hushed tone. That’s just embarrassing. I limit myself to using a bluetooth headset only in the car and at my computer desk when I need both hands. You have no idea how helpful it is to be able to still talk on the phone while playing Team Fortress 2!

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