Survived Black Friday

November 30, 2009

In what seems like a long time, we didn’t go camping out on Black Friday at Fry’s. That meant, for some of us, a nice warm Thanksgiving Dinner, staying warm in our rooms, and even getting to stay comfortable in our comfy beds/chairs/loungers. Definitely a nice way to spend a cold evening. Oh, don’t think we didn’t get any good deals, there were sales on the internet abound. In face, it’s was hectic. John, myself, Alex, and Fumio all stayed up for the sale at Staples to go live, 6AM Eastern Time. That meant all of us hitting refresh like made at 3AM here, Pacific Time. Let’s just say Staples dinky little server was pummeled as hundreds, if not thousands of people tried to get in. It’s their fault, really, for not starting their sales earlier in the day. Or getting more bandwidth/better servers. I’ve never gotten that many errors trying to get in a website before.

We did hit up some stores later that morning, picking up a few items we didn’t feel like waiting to ship. Overall, a nice shopping day. I was so close to buying an SSD (solid state drive) but after much deliberation with Andrew (4 hours worth), I’ll be waiting till next Black Friday. Oh, my dad bought a TV. It should be arriving soon. Turns out a bunch of dad’s bought TVs. Nice.


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