Google Sync does push email!

September 22, 2009

Alright, this has been all over the web today. Google Sync adds push email to it’s service, completing the trifecta of sync-ness most people wanted. When Google Sync first came out, it would sync up your Google Calendar and your Contacts.

Of course, there was the issue of Google Contacts being a crazy jumble of every-single-email you ever sent out and it even had “Suggested Contacts”. Oh come on, we don’t need “Suggested Contacts.” It ended up turning the contacts on your phone into a mess that turned most people away, instantly. Now, they have a “My Contacts” list that you can edit and are the only ones in the sync-roll. Thank goodness.

The other issue was with Google Calendar not allowing you to view multiple calendars. That issue, sadly, is still there. Although, the only people I know who view multiple calendars are business people and families that are maybe too fragmented. Maybe. Oh well, there’s a work around using CalDAV with the iPhone.

And so, with enthusiasm, I decided to switch over with Google Sync which uses Microsoft Exchange. Ironic, eh? I’m using a Google service with Microsoft tech on an Apple product, my iPhone! Haha, good stuff. Anyway, it took me almost no effort to log in with Exchange and took maybe, a minute or so for it download my contacts, email, and calendar. Now, email shows up on my phone within 15 seconds of it hitting my email account. Nice, better than waiting every 15 minutes. And any changes to my Google Contacts or Google Calendar are updated to my phone right away and vice-versa. Ah, just another step to living in the cloud. Love it.


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