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Google Sync does push email!

September 22, 2009

Alright, this has been all over the web today. Google Sync adds push email to it’s service, completing the trifecta of sync-ness most people wanted. When Google Sync first came out, it would sync up your Google Calendar and your Contacts.

Of course, there was the issue of Google Contacts being a crazy jumble of every-single-email you ever sent out and it even had “Suggested Contacts”. Oh come on, we don’t need “Suggested Contacts.” It ended up turning the contacts on your phone into a mess that turned most people away, instantly. Now, they have a “My Contacts” list that you can edit and are the only ones in the sync-roll. Thank goodness.

The other issue was with Google Calendar not allowing you to view multiple calendars. That issue, sadly, is still there. Although, the only people I know who view multiple calendars are business people and families that are maybe too fragmented. Maybe. Oh well, there’s a work around using CalDAV with the iPhone.

And so, with enthusiasm, I decided to switch over with Google Sync which uses Microsoft Exchange. Ironic, eh? I’m using a Google service with Microsoft tech on an Apple product, my iPhone! Haha, good stuff. Anyway, it took me almost no effort to log in with Exchange and took maybe, a minute or so for it download my contacts, email, and calendar. Now, email shows up on my phone within 15 seconds of it hitting my email account. Nice, better than waiting every 15 minutes. And any changes to my Google Contacts or Google Calendar are updated to my phone right away and vice-versa. Ah, just another step to living in the cloud. Love it.


Too freakin early

September 21, 2009

So, school is in full swing once again. All the crazy kids back to their crazy driving. And me, trying to weave my way around them as I try to prevent myself from careening into an unknowingly lost freshmen. It’d be my luck if that freshmen was a cute Asian girl who wasn’t actually lost. Eh, a guy can dream…

Today, I actually woke up at 7AM to get ready for class. That’s an incredible feat in and of itself. I have not woken up that early for any school-related matter for well over 2 years. Proud? You bet I am. Slightly blind? Of course. Where are my sunglasses? The sun is too bright. Haha.


Browser Bash!

September 2, 2009

We all use one, it’s essential to our access to the great world of the Web. For some, it gets nary a thought as they just launch Internet Explorer (for Windows) or Safari (for OS X) because it’s built-in. Well, there’s always new lands on the horizon, why not new ways to get there?

Google Chrome

Google’s own web browser, Chrome is 1 year old (that’s including beta)! It’s lightweight and super fast. I like it, it’s installed as my secondary browser when my main one is bogged down with memory (more on that later). It handles tabs as individual processes so ripping and moving tabs is a joy, it’s so simple and easy to do. I still believe it to be one of the faster browsers, but it does seem sparse in the looks and features department. Interesting fact, Sony has just announced that they’ll be putting Chrome on all their VAIOs as the default web browser. Nice.

Mozilla Firefox

My de facto browser, I love Firefox. If you’re coming from IE, you’ll be right at home with the controls and looks, but you aren’t locked at that state. Firefox has an enormous amount of skins and add-ons thanks to a large community and it’s open-source nature. Seriously, if you haven’t surfed the web with Ad-Block, you haven’t surfed the web. Firefox has always been touted as the secure alternative to Internet Explorer. The problem, Firefox can still be a bloated bugger! I’ve left my browser open for a few hours only to come back and see it sucking down a few hundred megs of memory! BLEH. But I still love you. Firefox 4.0 coming in 2010!


Opera, the browser that many a mobile accomplisher love. The mobile version has long been a favorite for smartphone users and desktop users have been able to use Opera. I don’t have too much experience with Opera, even if they’re in version 10 now! My only experience was using Opera, seeing their Speed Dial feature, falling in love with it and installed Fast Dial on Firefox to copy that function. Opera is a nice alternative to the alternatives (Chrome, Firefox).

Internet Explorer and Safari

Yes, the built-in browsers that ship with Windows and Mac OS X. The latest version of IE claims to be much safer and blocks a lot of vulnerabilities. I’m sorry, but after too many years of bias, I cannot going back to using IE. I think the only time I’ll ever use it is to A) access sites that only work in IE, shame on you, fix your incompatible selfs, and B) to get online to download Firefox. IE just needs to go away, there are better alternatives out there, be it for better security, customization, or features. As for Safari, it feels like a version of Opera. Could be great, but never really got to see it’s features really shine. In any case, when I’m at a Mac, I’ve always been able to run or download Firefox.

As you can see, my favorite is Firefox. But, I have each web browser actually installed on my system to test and use. Except, for some reason, Opera. Who uses Opera, anyways?

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