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Before school sucks

August 21, 2009

Just a quick one while I’m at the gym. It’s the weekend before school starts. As always, that’s the time I really don’t enjoy. The streets get filled with crappy drivers again, the food joints get crammed with annoying punks, and things just don’t go as well as they usually do. About the only thing positive to come about is that most students don’t have time to work out and so the gym doesn’t get as crowded anymore. Haha. Alright, short blurb, my warmup is done and I need to get to it!!!


Sleepy Mumblings

August 6, 2009

Yup, sleepy mumblings, peoples. That the current status on my AIM and it has everything to do with being woken up an hour earlier than normal. Bleh.

I have my nephew crashing in my room for the next few days and his sister with my sister. So, there’s goes my quiet time to myself for a while. Oh well. I do realize, though, that this gives me a crash course in having a kind of “roommate”. And thus, a few tips for the proper tech etiquette with roommates:

Don’t snoop. My nephew’s got a laptop and I’ve got one, not including my desktop. We’re both males in our soon 20s, he turns 20 in a few days. There are certain things we both have on our computer that shouldn’t be shared, nor should they be found out less there’s a special reason for it. So, please, don’t snoop. Whatever’s on the system belongs to them, so if they want to share, they’ll share. Just relax.

Have a good signal for your wifi and share the password. My nephew is by no means a techie nerd. In fact, far from it, he’s a much cooler person than I am. But even so, he’s still equipped with a laptop and an iPod Touch. Both of which make good use of a strong wifi signal to do many tasks, such as his Facebook-ing and out AIM addictions. So, hand out those passwords to the peoples who are visiting. Besides, they’re sitting right there, it’s not like they’re trying to secretly leech from you.

Music blasting should be reasonable. Earlier this morning while I was brushing my teeth, I had my iPhone playing music as normal. My nephew had his laptop on mute. While I was changing and he was ironing some clothes, he has his music playing while I was checking news on the computer. Compromise. And be considerate. My nephew would skip over songs that involved excess cursing, we’re inside a family household.

Yeah, those are just a few things I do when sharing a room or place of reisding with multiple peoples. It’s good form, especially in this day and age where etiquette seems to come second to execution.

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