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Dry energy

July 8, 2009

Such is my AIM status. I know, it doesn’t really makes sense nor does it need to.

A couple of things to talk about and I’ll have to see if I’m going to touch on all of them:

First, CNET Studios was awesome. I’ve pretty much repeated my story to everyone, so I won’t bore anyone by putting it here. Just wanted to say that it was great and hope to be able to attend another gathering sometime in the future.

My family bought my sister a car. She’s gonna be living off-campus next year so she’ll need a car. A ’03 Corolla that is actually quite nice and totally fits my sister. Am I jealous? Of course. I just want a new car.

Went up to visit Alex and Fumio a few weeks ago. Ken and Huy were visiting, too, so it was nice hanging out with them again. Lots of laughs, movie watching, and killing ourselves with sushi/japanese food. I didn’t even get to pay for any of the food, they kept treating me to meals. Thanks guys! I got you, next time!

In John’s and my desktop computers, we each have 2GBs of RAM. Being restricted by a 32-bit OS, we can’t fully utilize 4GB, so we each put in another 1GB. At 3gb, it gives us a little extra leeway for when we run intensive programs. And, our OS’s will recognize and use it all.

Been going crazy about this lately, it’s pretty bad. McDonald’s just added a new set of burgers to it’s menu, Angus burgers. Get the one with Swiss and Mushrooms, it’s freakin’ delish. It’s not something you’d expect to get from McD’s. Gotta work out more because of it.

Oh yes, I deleted Year’s Delight. I know, I barely used it and then I neglected it. I guess that shows how dedicated I was to it. Maybe someday in the future I’ll come back the idea, but for now, it just doesn’t fit me. In it’s place, I’ll be making another project blog. Who knows, maybe a place to post up a story? Of course, it won’t be compared to our Storyboard.

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