Happenings from home

June 18, 2009

The last couple of days have been interesting. Let’s try to do a little recap, shall we:

First, my parents are intending to purchase a car for my sister. We are currently looking for a used Toyota Corolla. My dad is an auto mechnic so he knows what to look for when it comes engine-wise. Myself, I tend to lean towards the minor details and focus on the cosmetics of the car and whether all the accessories and options work. Together, we weed out all the details. Awesome.

I was able to attend Alex’s commencement at UC Davis last Friday. It was nice, at about maybe 400 students in the Engineering college. We were seated inside ARC Stadium, which is nice because it was indoors but the wooden benches are killer on your back and butt. I’m a CompSci major, I’m seated at a computer desk all day, but at least it’s cushioned! Haha. Afterwards, a bunch of us went to Fuji’s Sushi Buffet to celebrate. It was a great night with lots of chatting and laughing. JUSCO!

I’m finally getting new glasses! It’s been almost five years since I’ve gotten a new pair, I believe it’s about time. A new prescription and finally new Transitions! Mine have faded over the years and are slightly lighter than they used to be. I’ll also be getting clip-on sunglasses for driving. Man, I have not worn sunglasses in nearly 6 years. I can’t wait.

Yesterday, June 17th was Arthur’s birthday. Happy 22nd buddy!!! Arthur, Andrea, Alex and I hung out in Davis doing random stuff.

I’m especialy excited for today. I’ll be in San Francisco! I’m going to CNET Studios for the recording of the 1000th episode of Buzz Out Loud. They’re gonna be in the CBS Interactive building. Buzz Out Loud is a podcast that talk about the days newest tech and news. I’ve been listening for a few months now and was selected to be invited to their special show. There’s gonna be a bunch of tech peeps that I’ve come to know and love from CNET. I can’t wait to meet everyone, I’ll make a follow-up post when I do get home today. Leo Laporte is gonna be there, one if the coolest the people I know of, Aiyeee!!


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