The dentist makes me always feel sleepy

June 3, 2009

Once again, I’m sitting at the dentists’ office. Twice a year, I go in to clean my teeth. This time, they found the start of a tiny cavity. Lame! Darn you, delicous coffees and cokes, you tasty cookies and candies.

One thing I found weird was that I always feel sleepy while at the dentists. It’s like, the mix of bright lights and wafting novacaine from the previous patients combine to make a narcotic knockout fume which slowly drains you of your energy and consciousness. I think it also has to do with the fact that it’s like entering a restricted lab zone. Outside, the surroundings are so vibrant, colorful, and noisy. Inside the office, it’s sterile and clean, devoid of emphatic emotions and only those of avail are of pain and fear. Well, at least I’ll be sleepy through the whole experience.

Can’t wait until June 12th. Headin’ up to Davis for Alex’s graduation. The best part is that it’s gonna be indoors and we don’t have to show up till 2pm or so. Of course, I’ll be early, but it’s good to have extra time.

Speaking of June happenings, on the 18th, I’ll be heading to San Francisco. I’ve been invited to CBS Interactive, specifically the CNET Studios for the 1000th recording of the Buzz Out Loud podcast. I’ve been listening to the Buzz Out Loud podcasts fo the last few months on a daily basis, so I’m excited to be there live. In one of the emails I got, they said I was seat 16, if which they’re gonna be having 20 seats. So, it feels good to be included. Even if seats aren’t reserved by numbers. LOL.

A bit of random, it’s the 25th birthday of Tetris! I know some crazy Tetris heads out there (thinking of you, Raj. And also Utada Hikaru.) I’m not a big fan of Tetris, myself, but I’ll be playing a little Tetris in it’s honor. And some of my friends want me to play Blockles. So, I’ll do that, too, even if it’s a different type of Tetrie.


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