Summer slows everything down…

May 30, 2009

Indeed, it does. I guess it’s all about taking it easy after all the school and work related events we’ve all been going through. Summer gives us a chance to relax and chill, even if the weather wants to melt us down.

My favorite yearly event, Fanime has come and gone way too quickly this year. A little different than past years, I decided to try volunteering and help out the con. Registration was where I stayed most of the time and it was really fun. I got to meet a lot of new people and pretty much got to see everyones’ cosplay.

I didn’t know this, but the 5 Mascots of Fanime only had yearly themes starting in 2005. Before that, it was mostly just an overall pirate-like theme. Since 2005, they’ve had a different theme each year with the recurring characters. I’ve been going to Fanime for 5 years and this year, they compiled the artwork for all the themes thus far, 2005-2009. An artbook came from the compilation and it’s very cool. I purchased it and when I got home, I actually dug up all the my old Fanime badges. 5 years of fun. Next year, I’m being invited back as a Staff Member and I get a free badge. Cool.

The new update for TF2 dropped, giving weapon enhancements to both the Sniper and the Spy. I agree with Amy, it’s not fair that the Spy has been getting little improvements with almost every single update. Bleh. I was finally able to the Bow and Arrow for the Sniper yesterday. It’s awesome. And I really love Payload Race Pipeline, the crossfire is insane!

The last couple days, I’ve been hit hard with a cold. The first day, I could barely go 5 minutes without my eyes starting to tear up or sneezing randomly. I’m getting a bit better, but it sucks to have a cold in the middle of summer. I mean, it’s freakin hot outside, LAME!


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