Batman never lost a USB drive

May 12, 2009

Seriously, the titles for my posts sometimes even make me laugh. I know, ridiculous.

I was able to get the entire Batman Beyond series a few days ago. I’m a fan of Batman and I figured, let’s go with one that’s pretty technological. I liked it when it was shown back on WB but I never got the chance to watch all the episodes. I’ve been powering through the series, it’s actually really good. I gave it to John knowing that it’s his favorite series.

I was also able to get the entire series of “The Magic School Bus!” Awesome. It’s like nostalgia all over again. I still have some of the books lying around in my house somewhere. I definitely remember watching the series during school and after-school television. Very cool.

Another series I got was Samurai Jack. Every episode is intense, very movie-like even if they’re only 20-ish minutes long. I can’t wait till I get a chance to go through it.

Oh, the “USB drive” part of the title. Well, I lost my 4GB Microvault Sony USB drive. It was so small, I didn’t even know I lost it till I needed it. Blargh. I had that drive for a long time! It sucks, I had a whole bunch of portable programs on there for computer diagnostics. Guess I’ll be waiting for a new drive sometime in the future. Batman’s utility belt never had a USB drive go renegade.


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