Faster internet? About time

May 6, 2009

An increase in internet speed? Yes, please. And about damn time! So, some of you might now know, but at home, my parents have signed up for AT&T DSL. We’ve been using it for years, back when you were no longer able to survive on the internet with just a 56k connection. It’s been sufficient so far. 1.5mbps is nice, but doing some more bandwidth intensive activities is a pain. 6mbps is better.

I found this out first hand a few months ago. I was playing Team Fortress 2 when I started to experience lag. You know how it feels: you’re funning along when all a sudden, that rocket that should have killed you just floats in front of your face and the music cuts out. I had the door to my room open and I could hear all the way in my parent’s room. Whenever I lagged, my dad would start laughing. Then, he would suddenly stop laughing and my game would come back to life. I was thinking, “What the? Does my dad know when I can’t play and is laughing to mock me?” No way. So, during one of the pausing  moments, I ran into my dad’s room to see for myself. YouTube. He was watching YouTube! Whenever I lagged, his video would be streaming and hence his laughing at some random comedy skit. But once he had to buffer, his laughing would cut as quickly as his video stopped, while the action in my game would come back to life. Back and forth. Unbelievable. It’s his house, so I gave up, quit the game and went to read a book. Boo.

But it’s happened when I wanted more people on the internet. My sister and I both have Team Fortress 2 accounts and it’d be nice if we could both play at the same time, like be on the same team and all. Well, not quite possible. The amount of bandwidth needed between two computers is just too much for 1.5mbps standard DSL.

Hopefully, when the speed increase is put into effect (a few days from now), I’ll be able to enjoy the faster speed. I know it’ll definitely help with all the downloads I go through and all the video streaming I’ve been doing lately. It should definitely be worth the extra 10 bucks a month for almost 4 times the speed. Can’t WAIT.


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