White Gummi Bear and Pho Crashing

May 4, 2009

My friend recommended I go to Jamba Juice and order a White Gummi Bear. Let’s get this straight first: There is no White Gummi Bear on the menu. It’s part of their secret menu. Yes, like the Animal-style at In-N-Out, there are an assortment of secret drinks at Jamba Juice not allowed on the menu on the basis that they are “unhealthy” or the name could ensue copyright infringement. You can how reluctant I was feeling as I entered with the intent of ordering a see-thru chewable animal as my fruit smoothie delight of the day.

Luckily, Ben Palmberg was working. I’ve known him for years, so it was good having an insider to question. I asked him, he said they did have it, and he set off making my drink. This is what went in it:

White Gummi Bear:

-6 Ounces Peach Juice
-4 Ounces Soymilk
-One “Green” scoop of:

And some mangos. I couldn’t even remember what a white gummi bear tastes like, much less eaten one in years. But, upon sipping it, I could almost distinctly remember the flavor of my clear, little friend. Thank you, Ben. Thank you, Jamba Juice ingredients. And thank you, whoever you crazy people are for coming up with this recipe/drink. Next time, I try Skittles.

Raj called me today and the first thing he says is, “Dude, guess what? I’m excited, I just ordered some Pho.” Putting aside the fact that he just called me to inform me about his order, I was immediately intrigued because it involved Pho. Rarely will you find a person who doesn’t like pho, even rarer will that person be Vietnamese. I happen to be Vietnamese and I definitely love Pho. Therefore, I was jealous of Raj in a instant and started salivating slightly. After a few words of encouragement from him, I decided to leave and go out for some Pho myself. It was good. And it gave me a chance to update Years Delight, which I have not done a quite a long time. While I was trying to type in a new entry for Years Delight, I crashed my phone. Pho crashed my iPhone. EPIC.


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