Boring Saturday

May 2, 2009

It’s Saturday, May 2 and it’s extremely boring. Also, it’s my cousins birthday, so Happy Birthday Ben!

I literally slept until 2PM today and laid in bed for a good hour after waking. It just felt really slow. Took my time doing the whole hygiene thing, what with brushing, shaving and cleaning. I also spent quite a bit of time just listening to podcast. My mom and I spent about half an hour trying to mix up some Matcha Green Tea. Some awesome (kinda too expensive, IMO) Japanese Green tea powder, hot water, milk, and condensed milk. Let’s just say, it was good, but my cup was just too huge. Way overwhelming.

Been getting back into Team Fortress 2 again. I guess I was pulled away for a while about a month ago or so. Random moment: Some Engies were building teles that went right next each other and everyone was mad. Can’t wait to see what the Sniper update will be like!

Just a few days ago, it was announced that Tekken 6 will be released this fall for the PSP alongside the PS3 and Xbox 360. I’m extremely happy for two reasons. First is that they’re releasing it this year. I’ve been waiting forever to play Tekken 6. The other reason is that I don’t own either the PS3 or Xbox 360, but I do own a PSP. I will definitely be getting it for the PSP. To many a relief, the console and hand-held version will be the Tekken 6: Bloodline Revolution iteration. Thank you! And it’s rumored the PSP version will be getting some exclusive content. Can’t wait!

A while back I introduced a few people into the Dresden Files book series by Jim Butcher. Well, the book world is a give and receive environment as I’ve gotten a recommendation in return. This one comes from Rick (Crazy, right?) and it’s called the Nightside series from Simon R. Green. Similar kind of setting, but slightly different direction. It’s weird, but very good so far. I’ve powered through the first book and I’m halfway through the second book already. I can see this myself working on the entire series.

AGH, why does the weather have to be so gloomy today? Especially with the sweltering heat we all had to endure less than a week ago. The swift flip-flopping is terrible and people can get sick easily. And it also makes me not want to do anything all day which is just bad. Staring out my window and seeing boring, dark clouds just dampens my spirit.


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