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Summer slows everything down…

May 30, 2009

Indeed, it does. I guess it’s all about taking it easy after all the school and work related events we’ve all been going through. Summer gives us a chance to relax and chill, even if the weather wants to melt us down.

My favorite yearly event, Fanime has come and gone way too quickly this year. A little different than past years, I decided to try volunteering and help out the con. Registration was where I stayed most of the time and it was really fun. I got to meet a lot of new people and pretty much got to see everyones’ cosplay.

I didn’t know this, but the 5 Mascots of Fanime only had yearly themes starting in 2005. Before that, it was mostly just an overall pirate-like theme. Since 2005, they’ve had a different theme each year with the recurring characters. I’ve been going to Fanime for 5 years and this year, they compiled the artwork for all the themes thus far, 2005-2009. An artbook came from the compilation and it’s very cool. I purchased it and when I got home, I actually dug up all the my old Fanime badges. 5 years of fun. Next year, I’m being invited back as a Staff Member and I get a free badge. Cool.

The new update for TF2 dropped, giving weapon enhancements to both the Sniper and the Spy. I agree with Amy, it’s not fair that the Spy has been getting little improvements with almost every single update. Bleh. I was finally able to the Bow and Arrow for the Sniper yesterday. It’s awesome. And I really love Payload Race Pipeline, the crossfire is insane!

The last couple days, I’ve been hit hard with a cold. The first day, I could barely go 5 minutes without my eyes starting to tear up or sneezing randomly. I’m getting a bit better, but it sucks to have a cold in the middle of summer. I mean, it’s freakin hot outside, LAME!


Batman never lost a USB drive

May 12, 2009

Seriously, the titles for my posts sometimes even make me laugh. I know, ridiculous.

I was able to get the entire Batman Beyond series a few days ago. I’m a fan of Batman and I figured, let’s go with one that’s pretty technological. I liked it when it was shown back on WB but I never got the chance to watch all the episodes. I’ve been powering through the series, it’s actually really good. I gave it to John knowing that it’s his favorite series.

I was also able to get the entire series of “The Magic School Bus!” Awesome. It’s like nostalgia all over again. I still have some of the books lying around in my house somewhere. I definitely remember watching the series during school and after-school television. Very cool.

Another series I got was Samurai Jack. Every episode is intense, very movie-like even if they’re only 20-ish minutes long. I can’t wait till I get a chance to go through it.

Oh, the “USB drive” part of the title. Well, I lost my 4GB Microvault Sony USB drive. It was so small, I didn’t even know I lost it till I needed it. Blargh. I had that drive for a long time! It sucks, I had a whole bunch of portable programs on there for computer diagnostics. Guess I’ll be waiting for a new drive sometime in the future. Batman’s utility belt never had a USB drive go renegade.


Faster internet? About time

May 6, 2009

An increase in internet speed? Yes, please. And about damn time! So, some of you might now know, but at home, my parents have signed up for AT&T DSL. We’ve been using it for years, back when you were no longer able to survive on the internet with just a 56k connection. It’s been sufficient so far. 1.5mbps is nice, but doing some more bandwidth intensive activities is a pain. 6mbps is better.

I found this out first hand a few months ago. I was playing Team Fortress 2 when I started to experience lag. You know how it feels: you’re funning along when all a sudden, that rocket that should have killed you just floats in front of your face and the music cuts out. I had the door to my room open and I could hear all the way in my parent’s room. Whenever I lagged, my dad would start laughing. Then, he would suddenly stop laughing and my game would come back to life. I was thinking, “What the? Does my dad know when I can’t play and is laughing to mock me?” No way. So, during one of the pausingĀ  moments, I ran into my dad’s room to see for myself. YouTube. He was watching YouTube! Whenever I lagged, his video would be streaming and hence his laughing at some random comedy skit. But once he had to buffer, his laughing would cut as quickly as his video stopped, while the action in my game would come back to life. Back and forth. Unbelievable. It’s his house, so I gave up, quit the game and went to read a book. Boo.

But it’s happened when I wanted more people on the internet. My sister and I both have Team Fortress 2 accounts and it’d be nice if we could both play at the same time, like be on the same team and all. Well, not quite possible. The amount of bandwidth needed between two computers is just too much for 1.5mbps standard DSL.

Hopefully, when the speed increase is put into effect (a few days from now), I’ll be able to enjoy the faster speed. I know it’ll definitely help with all the downloads I go through and all the video streaming I’ve been doing lately. It should definitely be worth the extra 10 bucks a month for almost 4 times the speed. Can’t WAIT.


White Gummi Bear and Pho Crashing

May 4, 2009

My friend recommended I go to Jamba Juice and order a White Gummi Bear. Let’s get this straight first: There is no White Gummi Bear on the menu. It’s part of their secret menu. Yes, like the Animal-style at In-N-Out, there are an assortment of secret drinks at Jamba Juice not allowed on the menu on the basis that they are “unhealthy” or the name could ensue copyright infringement. You can how reluctant I was feeling as I entered with the intent of ordering a see-thru chewable animal as my fruit smoothie delight of the day.

Luckily, Ben Palmberg was working. I’ve known him for years, so it was good having an insider to question. I asked him, he said they did have it, and he set off making my drink. This is what went in it:

White Gummi Bear:

-6 Ounces Peach Juice
-4 Ounces Soymilk
-One “Green” scoop of:

And some mangos. I couldn’t even remember what a white gummi bear tastes like, much less eaten one in years. But, upon sipping it, I could almost distinctly remember the flavor of my clear, little friend. Thank you, Ben. Thank you, Jamba Juice ingredients. And thank you, whoever you crazy people are for coming up with this recipe/drink. Next time, I try Skittles.

Raj called me today and the first thing he says is, “Dude, guess what? I’m excited, I just ordered some Pho.” Putting aside the fact that he just called me to inform me about his order, I was immediately intrigued because it involved Pho. Rarely will you find a person who doesn’t like pho, even rarer will that person be Vietnamese. I happen to be Vietnamese and I definitely love Pho. Therefore, I was jealous of Raj in a instant and started salivating slightly. After a few words of encouragement from him, I decided to leave and go out for some Pho myself. It was good. And it gave me a chance to update Years Delight, which I have not done a quite a long time. While I was trying to type in a new entry for Years Delight, I crashed my phone. Pho crashed my iPhone. EPIC.


Boring Saturday

May 2, 2009

It’s Saturday, May 2 and it’s extremely boring. Also, it’s my cousins birthday, so Happy Birthday Ben!

I literally slept until 2PM today and laid in bed for a good hour after waking. It just felt really slow. Took my time doing the whole hygiene thing, what with brushing, shaving and cleaning. I also spent quite a bit of time just listening to podcast. My mom and I spent about half an hour trying to mix up some Matcha Green Tea. Some awesome (kinda too expensive, IMO) Japanese Green tea powder, hot water, milk, and condensed milk. Let’s just say, it was good, but my cup was just too huge. Way overwhelming.

Been getting back into Team Fortress 2 again. I guess I was pulled away for a while about a month ago or so. Random moment: Some Engies were building teles that went right next each other and everyone was mad. Can’t wait to see what the Sniper update will be like!

Just a few days ago, it was announced that Tekken 6 will be released this fall for the PSP alongside the PS3 and Xbox 360. I’m extremely happy for two reasons. First is that they’re releasing it this year. I’ve been waiting forever to play Tekken 6. The other reason is that I don’t own either the PS3 or Xbox 360, but I do own a PSP. I will definitely be getting it for the PSP. To many a relief, the console and hand-held version will be the Tekken 6: Bloodline Revolution iteration. Thank you! And it’s rumored the PSP version will be getting some exclusive content. Can’t wait!

A while back I introduced a few people into the Dresden Files book series by Jim Butcher. Well, the book world is a give and receive environment as I’ve gotten a recommendation in return. This one comes from Rick (Crazy, right?) and it’s called the Nightside series from Simon R. Green. Similar kind of setting, but slightly different direction. It’s weird, but very good so far. I’ve powered through the first book and I’m halfway through the second book already. I can see this myself working on the entire series.

AGH, why does the weather have to be so gloomy today? Especially with the sweltering heat we all had to endure less than a week ago. The swift flip-flopping is terrible and people can get sick easily. And it also makes me not want to do anything all day which is just bad. Staring out my window and seeing boring, dark clouds just dampens my spirit.

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