SoN: Pork disease

April 27, 2009

I’ve spent the last couple hours studying and downing a couple Red Bulls, so I’m ready for a SoN post! Let’s go with a simpler set of Stories of Note this time:

  • Swine Flu scare
  • Pirate Bay court happenings, cont.
  • Goodbye to some American Car brands
  • Windows XP in Windows 7
  • Random Game news

Hit the jump for my thoughts:

@ With the title of this post being pork disease, I thought we could start it off with that story. If you don’t know, the big news right now is the panic that’s being caused by the possible pandemic outbreak of the Swine Flu A(H1N1). The CDC is working hard to keep track of all possible cases. With the first cases starting in Mexico, there are now confirmed reports of the Swine Flu appearing in California, Texas, Kansas, Indiana, and even as far as New York and Canada. Mexico is sending samples over to the United States to labs so they can learn more about the disease. There are reports of Hong Kong looking into studying the disease seeing as how the last outbreak of disease was the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome in 2002-2003. As if having a possible pandemic on their hands, to make matters worse, Mexico City was hit with a 6.0 magnitude earthquake today. Seriously, WTF? Things just aren’t going well. Makes you start to think maybe somethings going on down there. No source provided for the swine flu stories, it’s all over the news.

@ Suck. That’s all I can really say for this next story. The trial case for The Pirate Bay finally had a conclusion, but it was a bad one. The founders were, well, found guilty. They were fined $3.6 million and sentenced to a year in prison. Well, that just sucks. Almost immediately, protests starting going on and an appeal was put in. Then, the big one hit. Apparently, Judge Tomas Norström, presiding over the case is a member of two pro-copyright groups. Norström claims there was no conflict of interest, even though this case is all about copyright. I call utter bias and BS on Tomas. The worse part is that Norström dismissed a potential juror because of personal involvement with copyright organizations. Not only could he have a biased opinion, but he’s also now a hypocrite. Mistrial.

@ Yet another piece of the automaker bailout falls into place. And it’s pretty big. GM announced that by 2010, it’ll have phased out the Pontiac Brand. Also, by the end of 2009, Saab, Saturn, and Hummer will also be gone. That’s pretty huge. These are just some of the steps GM is undertaking while receiving aid from the government. You can see that it’s hurting. Although I’ve never been a big fan of American autos, it’s never a good thing to see large companies go down. Less competition among the big players means less innovation overall. And that’s just bad for the consumer.

@ Windows Vista was a giant bust. With many reluctant to upgrade and most forced, the general public still enjoy Windows XP as their go-to OS. With Windows XP mainstream support gone, user anxiously await for the next great OS release. The imminent Windows 7 seems to have Microsoft fearing a repeat of history because they’re putting in a Windows XP Mode Compatibility. Assuming it’ll perform as expected, you’ll essentially have a virtual copy of Windows XP Service Pack 3 running inside of Windows 7. Putting that in, Microsoft hopes it’ll sooth some of the woes that users may have with cranky software that needs XP. It’s should be available for Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate.

@ Some random game news this time around. First, Nintendo’s DSi is out, but they’ve gone and released a new Lime Green DS Lite Bundle. That’s right, the DS Lite. Now, barring the fact that I love green, this just doesn’t make much sense. You have a brand new product out and yet they’re pushing the old one? I’d understand if it was old stock of the standard colors, but releasing a new color of old product is just so…Motorola RAZR. The DS Lite had a great run, but now it’s time for the DSi. Make a Lime Green DSi, put it in the bundle instead, make millions. Insert that “it prints money” picture here.Also in gaming news, Square Enix purchases Eidos. Sheesh. I knew that with a low economy there would be consolidation, but I totally didn’t see this coming. Squenix acquires all the IPs Eidos has, including the hits Tomb Raider and Hitman.
One last gaming tidbit, ThinkGeek somehow came upon a secret stash of New Sega Dreamcasts! They were selling them, but have now soldout. With a note that they are hoping to find a new stash, it makes their estimated availability of May, 14th questionable. Still, it was nice seeing the old system make a small secret return.

That’s it for this Stories of Note post. As always, stay noteworthy.


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