SoN: Really?

April 15, 2009

My Google Reader has been overloaded the past month and I practically gave up on writing a SoN post until I got it under control. That was until two days ago, when I decided to flush everything out and start fresh. So, now that things are under control and a slightly different format, here’s a few Stories of Note:

  • Android 1.5 SDK
  • iPhone OS 3.0 Beta 3
  • Palm Pre Touchstone Product Line
  • Toshiba TG getting Capacitive Touchscreen
  • Dell Smartphone? Microsoft Zune Phone?
  • Jeep Recall
  • HDTV on Bus
  • New Aston Martin
  • A Fifth Fast and Furious Movie?
  • Nurse layoff during Surgery
  • Amazon Snafu over Gay and Lesbian books
  • Windows XP support and Xbox 360 warranty
  • Skype as IPO in 2010
  • The Pirate Bay trial drawing to a close

Hit the jump to read my thoughts

Phone Noteworthy:
@ The biggest news to me lately was the releases of the Android 1.5 SDK. Being a Software Developer’s Kit, it’s not something the average user/consumer uses. But, we do get a peek at what will eventually trickle down to us. The biggie that many have been waiting for is the on-screen keyboard which will be available in both portrait and landscape. Also, video recording and video playback, along with uploading to YouTube. Freakin YouTube! Awesome. It will be getting an updated browser with tabs and more widgets for the homescreen. Among these updates will also be a lot of UI tweaks and A2DP Stereo Bluetooth. Looks good in the coming future of Android.
@ Hot on the heels of an Android OS update, Apple releases the iPhone OS 3.0 Beta 3 to developers. So far, we haven’t noticed any discernable changes since Beta 2. But, we’ll wait and we what developers are able to dig up.
@ If you follow phone news, you know everyone is anxious about the Palm Pre. One of the innovative parts about the Palm Pre is the charging accessory, “Touchstone.” It allows for charging without wires. There’s speculation that the Touchstone may not be just a product, but an entire product line. Who knows what future Touchstones may be capable of doing? A2DP Bluetooth sounds nice.
@ Toshiba’s TG01 rocked the world when it was shown off, then we saw the interface and laughed about it. But now, Toshiba looks like it plans for the TG to eventually have a capacitive touchscreen sometime in the future. That was totally rocked, I’m a huge fan of capacitive touchscreens, much better response and control than a resistive touchscreen.
@ Just to fill in the WTF Moment for Phone news, I have two tidbits. First, Dell plans introduce it’s own smartphone into China this year. Dell? Are you serious? UGH. And then, Microsoft is preparing advertisements for it’s Zune-On-Phone campaign. Unless it’s a Zune phone, we don’t care.

A little Car for you:
@ Jeep has issued a recall for it’s cars, Liberty, Commander, Grand Cherokee, and Wrangler. Pulling back 47,000 cars, the minor defects can result in airbag malfunction or lubrication degradation of front ball joints due to salt. A visit to the dealership will help you with an inspection and appropriate repair.
@ In Raleigh, North Carolina, a CAT bus is getting it’s test run of displaying a HDTV with DirectTV streaming to it. I never ride buses, but that’s pretty cool. I presume they’ll be displaying news the entire time, but then the question comes whether we’ll be hearing the TV or the Radio over the buses speakers. Also, this begs the question, who gets control over the remote?
@ The new Aston Martin Rapide finally has a photo release. Courtesy of Aston Martin. I must say, it’s so hot, golly.

@ After the success of the fourth Fast And Furious movie, it’s almost confirmed that there will be a fifth Fast and Furious movie. Star Paul Walker says that he and Vin Diesel will be back and this time they’ll be going to Brazil. I can say, I actually liked the fourth movie. It actually tied the story together pretty well. The disappointment was the non-focus of the cars. I say it was worth it putting the storyline a little in front of the cars, it made it a better movie. Definitely looking forward to Fast and Furious 5.

Other random news:
@ Maybe this is should be the WTF Moment in news. In Wisconsin, a Nurse was pulled out of surgery to be informed that she was laid off. That’s so damn stupid. Why? Couldn’t that have waited until after the surgery? The manager totally violated medical protocol and should lose his job along with the Nurse. Asshat.
@ Amazon had a huge snafu over Gay and Lesbian books. They walked around the issue, then decided it was a mistake, and walk around the excuse. BS.
@ Microsoft has transitioned Windows XP out of mainstream support now into extended support. We can see this as the end of an era, the legendary XP now just put on the back burner. We’ll have to see how long it’ll last in extended support and hope that Windows 7 will live up to expectations better than the POS Windows Vista eventually became. Also, in other Microsoft-related news, they are now extending coverage for the Xbox 360’s warranty to cover E74 errors. Not quite the Red Ring of Death, but still one to clobber your beloved gaming system. I don’t know whether to be sad at Microsoft over the Windows ordeal, or proud of them over class-leading warranties. Aish.
@ Ebay currently owns Skype. Now, it’s planning to spinoff Skype into it’s own IPO in 2010. Denying rumors that they were planning to sell Skype back to it’s founders, Ebay wants to make it a standalone property not tied to it’s internet auction website. To repeat many others: There just wasn’t any synergy between Ebay, Paypal, and Skype.
@ And one trial case I’ve been following for a while now involve The Pirate Bay. Well, now end finally draws as the verdict will be delivered Friday. They’ll be having a press conference live, online at 13:00 Swedish Time (GMT +1). I hope TPB wins. The prosecution was a joke, utterly outdated and uninformed with the regulations and operations of the net nowadays.

Well, those were a few of the Stories of Note. I had a lot to write about and it took a lot of effort to wade through and pick out those truly noteworthy. That’s it for this SoN, until next time, be noteworthy.


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