Rainy, Cold, and dimly lit

April 7, 2009

Such is the title of this post and the environment I find myself in at the moment. It’s raining outside, ever so lightly yet enough that you can hear it on your window. The temperature is cold and my feet are beginning to get uncomfortable without socks on. Oh, and I’m not using the main light in my room, just a little lamp. I guess sitting here like this makes me…not want to sit here like this. Just a few feet away my bed is screaming my name out. I want you, too, bed, I do. In a few hours though, I still have plenty to take care of on the computer.

Short Recap of Spring break from two weeks ago: it was short, boring, but much needed. Most breaks feel the same, don’t they?

I actually found myself neglecting Years Delight for quite a while. I guess it was a combination of the mundane (read: same thing all the time) food I found myself eating because of a school project taking up all my free time and the lack of remembering to pull out my phone at a meal to snap a quick picture. Well, I’m back, Baby! Even if it’s not psycho back. I’ll try to be more on tap, but it’s just so easy to forget to take a picture. I did do a quick comparison of Carne Asada Fries that can be found in Milpitas and Fairfield. Who knows what else I’ll be munching on next? Just need to remember to take that picture.

Raj-el is leaving soon, we’re all anxiously awaiting for the real departure date/time/location/whatever. It’s weird that for the past few weeks, it seems the departure has been moved closer everytime I hear from him. First, I thought it was sometime in May or June. But that won’t do because he needs to head over there before their school year starts. Then, I heard it was in 2-3 weeks, which totally sucks in it’s own right. Now, we get the bombed dropped on us, April 15th. I knew I never liked that day, being the dreaded Tax Filing Day and all. After a phonecall with John earlier, I hear that he may even have to leave before then. Holy crap. The date is rushing close, fast. I don’t care when or where it is, trust me when I say that I will be seeing him off at the airport. Keep me updated, Raj!

Started on yet another Korean drama. It’s called “You are my Destiny” and stars Im YoonA. She’s from the Korean Pop group So Nyuh Shi Dae, or Girl’s Generation in English. It’s pretty interesting, YoonA plays Jang Sae Byuk, a girl who gets a cornea tranplant from a doctor who passes away from a car accident. Events lead her to become close to her donor’s family and to the person she falls in love with. The series has a ridiculous 178 episodes, with which I’ve been able to download them all with subs. I’m in the process of converting them to play on my iPhone so I can really enjoy this series whenever.


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