Could Not Find Connection, Face

March 16, 2009

It’s a strange hour to be awake, nearly 4:30AM. I’ve done it before though, but just not regularly. Reason is that I went to bed at 11PM, and woke up again! Lame. Not as lame as what my lack of house Internet has felt like.

I was hanging out with John earlier today and left for home around 8PM. I got home, turned on the light in my room and powered on my computer. That’s when the first sign of no connection hit, my little desktop weather widget. It usually shows a little 4-day forecast once it’s connected to the Internet. Tonight? Nothing. Same thing with my email notifier. Ugh. Ok, maybe just their servers were down. I really wished.

I tried to connect to AIM. While it was attempting, I tried to go online with Firefox. Both, at the same time, came back with a no connection message. FAIL. My dad must have messed with the router and killed the Internet. At that point, I was just not in the mood to work any IT magic. Luckily, I still had an Internet connection available through my iPhone.

So, my normal routine was limited once again to what I could do with my iPhone. Checking nearly 200 Google Reader stories, reading emails, and just surfing in general. At one point, I wanted to stop and play Team Fortress 2, but BLAH, the desktop doesn’t have Internet. I wanted to download new podcasts, but wouldn’t work without a Wi-fi connection.

Then, I wanted to watch somethings on YouTube which led to another FAIL again. Apparently with the iPhone, the YouTube application’s video quality depends on your connection. With Wi-fi, you get great quality because you have a fast connection. With 3G, you get low quality for faster loading. But it’s low quality, which screwed me over when I wanted to watch something with subtitles.

I just about gave up and just started reading. I have the Amazon Kindle application on my iPhone and a few books on it. After falling asleep, I awoke once again at this insane hour to find my net connection still dead and the random want to express my deprevation from my phone. NEED INTERNETZ, NAO!

Update: It’s back! After no internet all night, I finally have it back after resetting the router in my dad’s room. Finally! Sheesh, this really does show my addiction to the web.


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