March 13, 2009

Just short rant about people on the freeway who seem to be oblivious to everyone else on the road!

Earlier today, I was driving with some friends to IKEA to meet a consultant. We were on 101 North and one of those SMART cars just cut me off. And I don’t mean like, pass me in front of me quickly. They were directly to my right, sped up to get 1 foot in front of me, and swerved sharply into my lane! Then, they slowed down! And it wasn’t like I was driving super slow, I was in the lane with all the cars doing 75 MPH! It was a freakin’ smart car driving like a maniac.

So, as I approached my exit (University), I got into the far right lane to prepare. For some reason though, it was super slow. Insanely slow. I was literally on the butt of the car in front me. Hating people who drive like that, I backed off to leave some space. That’s when I was able to glance ahead and realize there were no cars in front! The car in front of me was driving 45 MPH for freakin’ reason, no emergency lights, not an elderly person, not a baby on board. Just SLOW. Seriously, do they not realize it’s the freeway, not local roads.

I hate people who are oblivious to other drivers on the road. Please, I know you need to drive defensively, but also me mindful of other people on the road!

My small rant.


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