Movie Review: Transporter 3 (No spoiler)

March 13, 2009

So, after my not so great experience with The Happening, I went to return it with hopes of finding a different movie that might alleviate the pain. I noticed Transporter 3 was out on DVD. Originally, I was supposed to have watched it in theatres the night it came out, but unforeseen circumstances made that not happen (namely, somebody forgot to invite, BLEH.) Needless to say, I rubbed it in their face and now am forced to suffice with a simple rental.

Driving his hot car, an Audi A8, he continues to “transport” things for a price. He does this with little questions ask and as little emotion as possible to protect himself and those involved. However, as with the case of the previous movies, “tranporting” is not as simple as it seems, with a twist that threatens his life and the “package”. We still get some awesome fight scenes throughout the movie, but there seems to be an extra emphasis on breaking of body parts this time around. The Audi A8, one of my personal favorite cars, does an OK showing throughout the film, but seems to perform an even more ridiculous stunt than in the previous films. Jason Stantham continues to be a pretty good actor, portraying Frank Martin as a cold man all about work. His co-star this time, Natalya Rudakova, is awesome in that, she’s to portray an annoying daughter of a powerful man. Hence, spoiled behavior, lost mindset, and just overall I-want-to-smack-her attitude is given off extremely well. I hated her character, which gave me all the more reason to like her.

What situation should you end up watching it: Rent if you like actions flicks, some fancy are stunts, and some fighting. Buy if you’re a fan of the Transporter series. I’m actually a fan, so I’ll probably be going out to pick up the DVD sometime in the future.


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