SoN: Much Madness and MWC!

March 3, 2009

Well, this one has been in waiting for a while. Been neglecting to post because I kept finding other stories that were interesting. Bad idea, cause now I have too many stories and will have to select only the ones worth posting about. I know all the news I’ve gathered from Mobile World Congress alone will be a crazy crunch. I’ll have MWC stuff at the bottom. The summary/peak will be done different, not so specific as before. Here a peak at the Stories of Note:

  • Some news from the Auto world.
  • More Bankruptcy…
  • Hacking Signs and Legal battles
  • Product releases, gaming and whatnot.
  • Death up the rectum, oh god.
  • Other random tidbit news.
  • MWC! It’s get’s it’s own huge section.

Hit the jump to read through the crazy mess.

It’s kinda late to be writing an announcement, but I was able to see Acura’s 2010 TSX V6. And that thing looks like a beast. Actually, I was driving next to one on the street. Totally a nice car, too bad I’m in love with the TL still, so here’s hoping for a new nice updated look for that. Also, at the Chicago Auto Show, they showed 20 year anniversary editions of the Mazda Miata/MX-5. Always been a fan of those, but never could get around how small of a car it really it. Hmm, just to poke fun, in other news, get ready to say goodbye to Saturn and Saab files for bankruptcy in Sweden.

Speaking of car news, last time I spoke of Chris Bangle leaving the BWM design. Now, there’s rumor of him opening up his own design studio. So, you may still see more of the legendary man’s work in the future in one shape or form.

Muzak, a company that makes elevator music, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Seriously, who isn’t safe from the economic downturn?

Funny news, some dudes hacked those roadside LED signs. Zombies ahead! Haha, nice. Then, someone hacked it to say, “Raptors Ahead!” and finally, “Sorry Mario, The Princess is in another castle.”. Win.

The Pirate Bay has been in court over copyright for the past week or so. We’ll have to see how it turns out. The major win was that the prosecution are technological idiots who don’t know how torrents work.

Sony is releasing a slew of new Cyber-Shots, T900, T90, W290, W230, and H20. They look HOT. I want one, of each, in each color, please and thank you. Oh, and yeah, their all 12.1 megapixel cams, cept the H20 at 10.1. All rocking Carl Zeiss Lenses to boot.

Facebook’s TOS tried to steal our information earlier and then was revised to not keep our info. How quaint.

Street Fighter 4 comes out and proceeds to shoryuken everyone in the face. It’s an awesome game and you truly need to play it with an arcade stick to enjoy it.

A 14 year-old boy from China died when his Chair exploded and shot metal chunks into his ASS. Excessive blood loss did him in. WTF. The gas cylinder, that allows the user to adjust the chair up and down, compressed and had enough energy to explode through the seat cushion. Geez, I’m glad my chair just sits there, instead of killing me from below.

Quake Live went, well, live!!! It allows you to play Quake Online through your web browser. I’m registered and you have to play a little training so they can measure you’re skill level. This way, you’ll be play people around your speed so it’s fair. Good stuff. Used to play Quake and LAN it like crazy back in the day.

Some fool has gone and printed fake money to purchase Girl Scout cookies. That’s low. They’ve resorted to take advantage of Girl Scouts. The troops have now invested in those pen’s to mark to see if the bills are real.

Add to sad, Ensemble Studios has been disbanded after it’s final release game of Halo Wars. For those who don’t know Ensemble Studios created the Age of Empires series which by far, was my favorite RTS of all time. It’s sad to see them gone. The ending credits of Halo Wars has a really long goodbye message.

MWC Noteworthy News Below:

Probably my favorite piece of news from MWC, Sony Ericcson announces the Idou phone, which boasts and incredible 12 megapixels! I’ve always been a lover of Sony Ericcson phones, I’ve convinced many a friend and family member to purchase their handsets. To see this new handset makes me gush. Of course 12 megapixels won’t make your pictures ridiculously beautiful, but it’s almost up there with enough reason to leave your standalone point and shoot at home and keep this single convergence device with you at all times. It’s also a pretty nice looking capacitive touch screen phone. Haha. I look forward to it!

HTC showed off their HTC Magic, which many are calling the Android G2. It looks pretty nice with a notable change in that it lacks the sliding qwerty keyboard it’s G1 brethren features. It’ll have a 3.2 megapixel camera and the usual specs from a smartphone, but the interesting thing is that it’ll run the Cupcake release of Android, which features an on-screen keyboard. Ugh, sadness that it’ll be going to Vodafone in Europe first. They also smashed in our faces their amazing new Touch Diamond 2 and Touch Pro 2. Both phones are awesome updates and I wish I could get my hands on a Touch Pro 2. Sony Ericsson must be feeling crappy for cancelling their contract with HTC.

Short and Sweet, maybe not, Microsoft’s announcement left me feeling, well, disappointed. Windows Mobile 6.5 gets demo’d and changes it’s name to Windows Phone. Oh yeah, it won’t run on any existing phone except HTC’s Touch Diamond 2 and Touch Pro 2. LAME. It also isn’t planned to come out till way later this year, pushing back Windows Mobile 7, and leaving tons of potential buyers running away fast. And then comes My Phone. Just a backup service…

With the crazy popularity of the Omnia, Samsung unleashed it’s Omnia HD. It shoots video at 720P and has an 8 megapixel camera. Insane. If our cellphones are bustin’ out with HD, I’m ready for the iPhone HD, NAO. Samsung also had their Ultra Touch S8300 slider. Kinda boring, but might be a huge hit once it’s released, especially to the crowd who love keyboards, just not there all the time.

Nokia whipped out the N97, which many are anxiously awaiting for. Nokia is huge outside of the US, and frankly, everywhere else. This phone looks to be a huge killer against HTC’s Touch Diamond Pro 2. Nokia also through out the E55, a slim candybar featuring a SureType-like keyboard. And their E75 kinda is, well, boring. Nokia also unveiled the Ovi Store, which now rivals everyone else’s app stores. Rouding it out is their own 8 megapixel cameraphone, the N86. I’m tired, Nokia has too much stuff.

The Palm Pre didn’t really have much showing, but they did spot one with a SIM CARD. That’s insane! So, a GSM Palm Pre is in the works! Score.

Nvidia’s Tegra will be used for all sorts of phone-related craziness. It’s essentially a system on a chip, wih the cpu, gpu, northbridge, southbridge and memory functionality altogether. Imagine one chip running it all, HD content display, 3D GUI, Image processing. AWESOME.

Adobe announces support for Flash onto tons of Mobile phones. Except iPhone. Damnit.

Hint of a Dell phone, maybe…

That’s it for this SoN, until next time, stay Noteworthy.


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