Craziness as is the holidays

December 3, 2008

Well, last week was interesting in that I had changed the layout of my blog and I had setup plans for my birthday. Imagine, a week has gone past since. It’s incredible, really. My birthday dinner dinner was so fun as I got to try drinking the first time ever (21 now) with my closest friends. It was pretty fun, 3 shots and 2 drinks. Although, I’ve made up my mind about alcohol. It generally tastes, disgusting. Haha. I guess that’s expected from a newbie drinker.

Anything happen of late in the news? Let’s see. I’m sure you all have heard about the situation that took place at the WalMart in New York on Black Friday. The trampling of a worker. I cannot believe such a thing could take place, especially in retail. For all those people who were there; Was discounted merchandise really worth the life of a human being? All of those people should be ashamed. What’s worse, I heard that when they closed down the store because of a death, people complained that they weren’t allowed to continue shopping. HOW DARE YOU. A man lost his life and you have the nerve to complain about standing in line a few hours? Those are the type of people who do not deserve to be treated as human beings any further.

Since we’re on the subject of the economy going down the drain, let’s bring forth Mervyn’s. As you may or may not know, my place of employment is Mervyn’s clothing retail in Milpitas. On October 17th, they filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Now, that’s after they filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy to restructure back in July. Trust me, Oct. 17th was a weird day at work, since I’m really close to the management team at my store. It’s been weirder everyday as new policies are put in place by the liquidators. Now, I’ve heard something on the news that upsets me. You see, I put a lot of stress on customer service. I’ll listen to a customer on all subject matters and stick with them until an issue is resolved. Very rarely would I ever send someone to the dreaded Phone Customer Service. Well, with the entire company closing down, Phone Customer Service seems to be getting the shaft, too. A customer reported to website The Consumerist that she was going to be charged $15 just to speak to a customer service representative. That’s pathetic! I understand our business is about to disappear, but this is ridiculous. And because it involves customer service, I’m not only angry about it because I pride myself on it, I’m ashamed that my place of work would stoop to such a level.

Ugh, seems like a lot of negativity is going on the business world as the economy plummits. Let’s turn to greener pastures. My mom ordered a Garmin Nuvi 750 for $200. I think it’s quite nice and I’m super jealous. And my little sister bought a new laptop from Sony. Basically, I want it, except that it’s pink. Haha. I picked up a bunch of items from Black Friday for my computer and am waiting for a few more to ship, then I’ll add those to my rig also.

Well, that’s all for this week, maybe something interesting that won’t depress us will manifest itself in the coming days. And, from one holiday to the next, have a good one.

and OUT.


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