A new layout for a new age

November 25, 2008

Well, as some of you may know, I turned 21 years of age this pass Sunday. November 23rd. I know, it’s an important age. It’s when I’ve become a full adult. And with that, entails me the right to consume alcohol. You might assume that I went on a drinking binge and got myself wasted. You’d be wrong, cause I was a good little boy and haven’t had anything to drink. Yet. I’ll save that for this Saturday, the 29th, when I plan to have a birthday dinner at Elephant Bar in the Fremont Hub at around 8:30PM.

Anyway, on to the juicier bit of news, I’ve redone the layout for this blog! The old one was nice, but totally not efficient at displaying long posts of any kind (like the last one) and seemed to confuse some people on how to navigate at the top. So, I decided to choose a Blogger Layout once again. They had some pretty weird looking ones, but I settled on this one. After adding in my little tweaks (post comments!), my chatterbox (to the right), filling in my links (pretty simple), and some secret coding, the new layout is just to my liking. Although, the code is still a bit messy (all still Blogger premade, mostly), I’ll have to find time to go in a condense it down for the eyes. Hopefully with this new layout you’ll see me posting a bit more often than I currently do. Which, by the way, has begun to slowly increase in frequency. Something I can say I’m quite proud of.

Those were the major things really, birthday dinner plan and new layout.

Until next time, Seeya!


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